Guest lecture by Gunajit Brahma, Cofounder of JeevAnksh


“­­­­­­­Mobile commerce is all set to initiate a tipping point growth in Indian retail, opening attractive avenues for venture investments”, prognosticates Gunajit Brahma, Guest Speaker at IIM Indore, Mumbai campus. Mr Brahma, cofounder of JeevAnksh, a company centered in organic healthcare and cosmetic products, believes that disruptive innovation is going to be the norm in Indian e-commerce, which he estimates to be worth almost $850 billion by 2020.


Participants of the Mumbai campus had an insightful and thought-provoking afternoon through Mr Brahma’s guest lecture. The interactive session sowed much needed inspiration and knowledge to aspiring entrepreneurs, as Mr Brahma neatly outlined the need to innovate on opportunities and overcome challenges. The students were all ears as they were introduced to general models of the operation and business of top e-commerce players, and how today’s fiscal and legal frameworks are aiding monetization of innovative ideas like never before. An alumnus of IIM Indore himself, he was quick to adapt his presentation style to the culture of IIM Indore – brevity, data, and cases-in-point.

Gunajit Brahma is also a strong voice for Green technology and environmental initiatives, aptly reflected in his business initiatives as well as his personal life. He believes that JeevAnksh and its products will promote systematic use of organic products, and as scales improve, the health benefits of his products will percolate to large sections of society. With a mission to provide top quality organic products, the company is already marketing successfully in Singapore and other ASEAN countries.

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