Guest Lecture by Mr. Amit K Das – Cognizant Technology at IMI Kolkata

IMI Kolkata had the privilege of hosting Mr. Amit K Das, Director, Projects, NORDICS & Switzerland, Cognizant Technology Solutions India Limited, for an interactive session with the students on Wednesday 8th August, 2016. Mr. Amit a seasoned Information Technology Professional with an extensive experience of 18 years, is responsible for developing the business at Cognizant,  in the area of analytics and information management in Continental Europe.


The session kick started with a brief overview on what Cognizant Business Solutions is all about and the manner in they work with some of the world’s leading organizations providing collaborative solutions to their business. Cognizant boasts of 15 verticals, having different lines of business within those verticals. Some of these include Banking and Financial Services, Communications, Consumer goods, Education, Energy and utilities , Healthcare ,Information services, Insurance, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Media & Entertainment, Retail, Technology, Transportation & Logistics, Travel & Hospitality. Amongst them the Banking and Financial sector followed by healthcare are the major revenue generators for the company.

Throwing some light on the impact of Brexit on their revenue structure, Mr. Amit explained how Cognizant being a global organization is adapting to it but, before they analyze and speculate on the impact, they still need to wait and watch since the impact could be both ways-positive and negative. However, in this context being optimistic is something that is required as England has been outsourcing majority of its services so, they would still hold a chance of staying in the business.

He also added that right from its inception, Cognizant has believed in innovation and with the customer perception evolving with time, the industry is becoming more and more flexible. Emerging Business Accelerator (EBA) of Cognizant pushes the boundaries of innovation in terms of the customer solutions that are offered. The solutions must have a more interactive approach than a reactive approach.

Mr. Amit cited an example of a leading Swiss tobacco company, whose marketing team approached Cognizant with heaps of structured and unstructured data for insights on which cases and projects they can undertake and how Cognizant catered to their requirements with the use of predictive analysis. In this context when asked about the Indian Companies and their take on predictive analysis, Mr. Amit clearly stated that many large firms have already adapted these tools and worldwide the focus is now shifting more on descriptive analysis and predictive maintenance.

In the second half of the session he informed us about the digital age CXO’s and how Internet Of Things and data analytics is penetrating into the business processes and the customer’s day to day life. An organization has different functional boundaries but, the clear line of distinction between them is slowly fading away for the better and more effective working of an organization across different functionalities.

He also spoke in length on how Big Data Analytics and the Internet of Things has changed the digital landscape. This has in turn brought about a radical change in how we do business, thus making the job of CXO’s across companies extremely challenging. 

Such insights proved to be highly resourceful and would go a long way in making the students industry ready. It was a learning experience for them as it would help them to make strategic decisions in future and hone up their skills as global Business leaders as they stand at the threshold of entering the business world.