Guest lecture By Mr. Aravind Vishwanathan, Business Unit Head And Board Member, Johnson and Johnson Medical and Ms. Mahalakshmi V, Director – Strategy and Market Development, Johnson And Johnson Medical

Being healthy is not a goal but a way of living in today’s world. This is what has been inspiring the businesses working in the healthcare and medical devices sector in India to develop a healthy healthcare ecosystem.

Vinod Gupta School of Management was privileged to host Mr. Aravind Vishwanathan, Business Unit Head and Board Member, Johnson and Johnson Medical And Ms. Mahalakshmi V, Director Strategy and Market Development, Johnson and Johnson Medical at its premises on 12th April 2018 under its flagship guest lecture series, Vaarta.


Mr. Aravind began the session by setting the agenda for the much-awaited interaction for the students. He briefly talked about the current state of healthcare ecosystem in India and highlighted the principles that Johnson and Johnson bring to the table. He then presented the statistics to corroborate the ever-increasing disease burden and underserved healthcare of India. This, along with the increasing investments in the sector actually present an opportunity for the companies to not just make business but also serve the nation. According to him, the policies from the government have been of significant help in supporting the infrastructure.

Ms. Mahalakshmi V further paved the path for the discussion by bringing the focus to the healthcare industry landscape and critically differentiating it from the FMCG industry for the management students. The lecture further dived in to explain the intricacies of this $100 billion industry’s business by highlighting the paradigm shift from communicable to lifestyle diseases. Along with this, there has been a drastic expansion of healthcare in Tier II and Tier III cities of India. This is also evident when we see health insurance sector ambitiously targeting 40% of the market.

Mr. Aravind, being an expert in his domain, further spoke of the challenges that the Indian healthcare system has encountered over the past few years and how Johnson and Johnson has managed to identify “Affordability, Accessibility, and Awareness” as the three most important ones of all.

Mr. Aravind, in his capacity, takes care of orthopaedics and new businesses in India and therefore, fondly shared his experiences of handling all of these three challenges at some point in time in his career.

As one of the best companies for medical devices in India, Johnson and Johnson feels responsible and has, therefore, been continuously working with various stakeholders of the healthcare industry. There are currently three Johnson&Johnson Institutes and one mobile training center (in a bus) where advanced professional education is being imparted to practitioners in the form of skill development programmes. Apart from this, the company has been working with multiple government agencies on problems related to healthcare in India. Furthermore, Johnson&Johnson has a plethora of engagements with the startups likes Healthkart and Portea to provide convenient and intelligent healthcare solutions for the public.

The session concluded with a Question and Answer segment where the students of VGSoM tried to understand what do the companies like Johnson&Johnson expect from the budding managers and how can they stay ever-evolving and thereby, significant for their companies.

Having had a peek into the world of healthcare and medical devices, the students at VGSoM feel grateful to both Mr. Aravind Vishwanathan and Ms. Mahalakshmi V for taking some time out from their busy schedules and engaging with us. We hope to have such engagements with them in the times to come as well.

VGSoM Kharagpur

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