Guest Lecture By Ms Rohini Gupta, Manager HR At The Vedant Fashions Private Limited – Manyavar

On 1st November 2018, the students of Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur were privileged to host Ms Rohini Gupta, the Manager HR at the Vedant Fashions Private Limited – Manyavar. Ms Rohini holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management from The Indian Institute of Social Welfare & Business Management, Kolkata. Her spectrum of industry knowledge includes several fields such as performance management, market research, recruiting and project management, to name a few. She is a successful professional with strong interpersonal skills and leadership qualities.

Starting the session with the Manyavar advertisement video, Ms Rohini  Gupta gave a brief introduction of Manyavar, what they do, their business model, how they have grown over the years and most importantly,  their vision 2020. Ms Rohini Gupta also shared the vision Mr Ravi Modi,  the founder of Manyavar, shares with the organization since he started the brand in Howrah and stressed on how Manyavar plans to replace the western formal wears with the ethnic formals which form the core of our  Indian culture.



Ms Rohini claims that Manyavar is the destination for any occasion of happiness, be it big or small, Manyavar can provide ethnic wears for all of them! Ms Rohini went on to exhibit their extraordinary growth by sharing their compound annual growth rate (CAGR) and an unprecedented conversion rate of above 80% in any retail store. She also believes that if one provides good quality products to the consumers, then the price becomes a less deterministic factor for making a choice, which is exhibited profoundly by Manyavar, which has never had an end of season sale or any discounted sale and yet has have survived the test of time, growing exceptionally.

Ms Rohini emphasised on the significance of having a strong, flexible and consistent supply chain framework for the growth of an organization, which has been the case with Manyavar and can be depicted by the negligible dead stock that they carry, even after cross distribution in 170 cities and 10 lacs retailers, in a diverse country like India. Ms Rohini said that Manyavar, with the average age of its staff of about 28 years, believes that a young workforce and leaders are a reservoir of innovation and creativity in an organization.

Ms Rohini went to illustrate the importance of grapevine in an organisation. She cited that in an organization one is bound to hear a lot of rumours which might be of some use or none, listening intently and purposefully, filtering out the noise to decode the cryptic message is an art that needs to be mastered by the future managers who need to sense the mood of the organisation. Further, she demonstrated the importance of the various stakeholders involved in a communication process.

Ms Rohini then took the session to illustrate the importance of the 7Cs of communication, namely – clear, correct, complete, concise, concrete, coherent and courteous – in our day to day lives. She discussed the 7Cs of communication one by one with various examples from the daily office routine, picking some humorous errors that people commit while writing emails.

With this, Ms Rohini brought the session filled interesting insights from the vibrant organisation like Manyavar to a close. The integration of fun-filled activities in the session along with examples and details about Manyavar had a long-lasting impact and influence on the budding managers of the institute who thoroughly enjoyed the interactive lecture.

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