‘Guru Gyaan’ – IIM Indore UAE Initiative featuring Prof. Dipayan Datta Chaudhuri

The role of quality teaching and interacting with the best B-School Professors in the country plays a major role in an individual’s MBA journey. MBA aspirants generally tend to undermine and overlook this aspect. Thus, the Media and Corporate Communications Committee of IIM Indore UAE Campus launched the ‘Guru Gyaan’ series to spread awareness about the importance of focusing on the ‘Gyaan’ aspect in  the MBA journey. This initiative will feature interviews with professors who have set very high course delivery and teaching standards in the GCC region.


In the 3rd article of this series, the Media and Corporate Communications Committee interacted with Prof. Dipayan Datta Chaudhuri who offered the Macroeconomics course to the PGP 1 students at the UAE Campus. Prof. Dipayan Datta Chaudhri did his Ph.D from Calcutta University on the topic “State Electronics Corporations and Technological Development in India”. Prof. Dipayan Datta Chaudhri also held the position of the program chair of PGP-UAE program. Here is the full interview:

How do you feel to be a part of IIM fraternity?   

It gives me a pleasant feeling to be a part of a premier Institution  like IIM Indore. Here I get an opportunity to interact with bright and sincere students.

As a faculty of Macroeconomics, how would you like to define the importance of the subject for the budding managers?

Our students will take various managerial decisions in future. Any organization  functions in a given macroeconomic environment. Better understanding of macroeconomic concepts and policy  will help our students in taking appropriate managerial decisions.

 How was your experience in offering a regular PGP course at the UAE campus?

It was great. I found our students in PGP-UAE are intelligent, sincere and well-behaved. We could also discuss developmental aspects of  UAE also while delivering this course.

How was your interaction with the PGP UAE batch where profile of participants is very diverse as compared to the regular PGP programs?

I found the PGP-UAE batch as interactive as the PGP batch at Indore.

In your opinion, what value does international exposure add to the overall experience of a PGP student?

It improves adaptability of our students under challenging circumstances.

What in your eyes are the qualities a student should possess, to be successful in such a unique and highly demanding programme?

A student should be intelligent, hard- working, sincere, mature enough in order to be successful.

Any message for prospective applicants to PGP UAE program.

In this programme, courses are offered in bunches. So, a student must be hard-working, sincere, and intelligent with high –level of adaptive skills if he/she is interested in joining this programme.


IIM Indore UAE Campus thanks Prof. Dipayan Datta Chaudhuri for the interview and for offering a very interesting and interactive course on Macroeconomics.

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