Gurukul At Godrej – Saoumyabrat Tiwari, XIMB

From the very day, I set foot in XIMB, there was one name that seemed to be abuzz. GODREJ. The first company on campus for the summers that not only paid a handsome stipend, but offered one of the best profiles. I was part of the flash mob that welcomed the Godrej team on campus. As I huffed and puffed and crawled up to my seat to catch a breath, the shortlist was announced. I had got the shortlist in the very first company!

The GD was an experience to behold as nine of us debated on how BBLUNT could employ innovative ideas and creative strategies to ace the existing competition. I had faced GDs, but the intensity of this virtual gauntlet had me running for cover in the initial moments. I cleared the GD and then had an enlightening discussion with the interview panel on my passion and debating accomplishments, accumulated over the years. There was a moment in the interview where I had the panel stumped by stating the Indian Cricket Team as my favourite brand. But my answer allowed the inner cricket fan in all of us to come to life and get on board.

I remember being called into a room and being congratulated by Ms. Arushi Arora, part of the Godrej team, for making it through to GCPL. I went numb and shrieked in disbelief. Phone calls and messages started pouring in, and after a gala dinner at The Mayfair Lagoon, Bhubaneswar, the magnitude of the convert started to dawn upon me.

In the lead up to our induction in Mumbai on the 8th of April, 2018, the interns were showered upon with numerous gifts, to make sure the interns feel at home. These gestures made me realize how lucky I was to be a part of this heritage. At the induction, we were graced by the who is who of Godrej Industries, right from Mr. Vivek Gambhir, Ms. Nisaba Godrej to Mr. Godrej himself.

I was privileged to be able to have the honour of having Mr. Godrej respond to a question I asked, on his views on the GST and demonetisation rollouts.

I was based out of Kolkata and was working towards formulating a GTM rollout for GCPL and devise a balanced scorecard to evaluate its distributors in the city. I had all the freedom in the world while working, and was the boss of my project and this entire experience has taught me how to be a responsible decision maker, to profit not just the corporate, but the larger social motive that the Godrej Industries incessantly strive for. The project has nurtured my ability to deal with the most adverse of circumstances, juggle and balance work and personal stress but come out trumps every time. The gala product launch at The JW Marriott was a wonderful chance to see the stalwarts from the senior management enjoy themselves and blend seamlessly with the field force. The importance of being one big family! Getting to present your final recommendations to the SAARC sales head for GCPL  at the age of 24 is straight out of the storybooks. One that I never believed could unfold. That too, so early.

It is an experience that I’ll always cherish. Its memories will always be etched across my heart. Many years down the line, as I look back on this behemoth of an event in my life, its learnings would always guide me and teach me to tread the path of a responsible leader.




About the Author:

Saoumyabrat Tiwari

Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar (XIMB)

Godrej Consumer Products Limited

Gurukul 2018

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