If I tell any relative of mine that I study in a place called “Jamnalal Bajaj”, the association that quickly gets built up is the image of the heritage Bajaj scooter and things connected to it. Some people think I am studying management in a company that manufactures two-wheelers. It’s a myth. What this place has been successfully ‘producing’…is good management students!

Talking about the legacy of JBIMS since 1965, everything about this place, physical and intellectual, seems ‘heritage’. The striking red building… the spacious classrooms… one of Asia’s largest libraries… and the traditional infrastructure… and of course the extensive alumni network built over 47 years…

Perhaps the first reason why I even wished to clear the CET exam was JBIMS & its excellent alumni base. There is an exercise you can try out. Take any major sector- be it Manufacturing, Consulting, FMCG, Banking, Real Estate and check the top management of the top companies in that sector. Invariably, you will find at least one alumnus from Jamnalal Bajaj in that company. There seems to be no reason why anyone would not want to join a B-school with such a rich alumni heritage and it is definitely not an exaggeration if I say that JBIMS is well known as – ‘The CEO Factory.’

Now let’s get straight to the reason why most students want to join a B-School … Great placements…!! Once you join JBIMS, you will learn a concept called “RoI” – in other words, “Return on Investment”.

Those reading the article will thank me for explaining the concept a bit earlier than you would otherwise.  Picture this: In JBIMS, a candidate pays Rs. 2 Lakhs as fees for two years. The average package of the 2012 batch was Rs. 14.9 Lakhs. This means your RoI is 7.45 ; staggeringly high returns for a meager investment. And expect no aberrations from the companies that recruit. You will observe that more or less, most dream companies visit JBIMS-for the excellent quality of the end product it has to offer. At this institute you will come across some of the finest faculty in India, across all streams, to support this quality….not just PHDs but by the ones who have made their mark in the industry time and again.

I am a momma’s boy, (which guy isn’t anyway), and I love “ghar ka khaana”.  Being a Mumbaikar, I also strangely take pride in travelling by local trains and coming home at night to sleep on my own bed after a long tiring day of 14 hours at the institute. Of course, the “thrills” of hostel life elude me where every occasion is celebrated in its best form, be it Holi or even India winning the World Cup. And most importantly, there’s no hostel warden or faculty that prevents you from going there even at 3 AM. If you are a student of JBIMS and from Mumbai, you will do all that you would like to do in your own sweet Mumbai and still proudly boast of being a management student of a premier B-School.

You live and enjoy life Bajaj way, once the eight pillars; its committees take charge of its fun and academic activities. Nothing is free or complimentary at JBIMS. You’ve got to do it yourself and every Bajajite learns it the hard way. In the process we learn a great deal of organizing, man management, leadership, decision making etc. You have it all here; parties, Strategym, quick summers-off summers, quizzes, competitions, real industrial case challenges etc.

So in short, Bajaj lets you keep that element of personal life, while pursuing the much coveted “Yum-Bee-A” and does it in a manner that lets you have quality exposure to good education, bumper return on investments and a lifetime connection with an abundance of alumni spread throughout the corporate world. It is one of the “best” B-schools in India, and it surely brings out the “best” in you.

Top 10 Reasons to join JBIMS (In no particular order)

 CEO Factory….From Noshir Kaka to Chanda Kochhar, JBIMS is present in all CXOs!

Champion’s League….Participation in all corporate competitions and winning them too!

Industry Interaction– Frequent guest lectures and workshops!

       Lights, Camera & Action!..Take Pride in showcasing yourself in the media!

We care for you… Our chance to reach out towards society!

 Ruby in the Commercial hub…Benefit of proximity to corporate headquarters!

Temple of wisdom…Most renowned faculty & one of the largest libraries!

  Market Dare-devilry…Get your feet dirty and learn the practical way!

Alumni Network… Top-notch personalities across sectors!

 Work hard & party harder… Strategym, Prayaag, Nostalgia…..many reasons to party!

Tanmay Joshi

(The author is a second-year student of MMS at JBIMS)


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sanjay kartari

good article TJ
i am commerce graudate -2005
an entrepreneur since 2001
can you tell me will jbims 3 yr part time mmm will be good for an entrepreneurs
i will go for 2 yr part time mba in entrepreneurship from lesser known b-schools
i will appear for mms-cet 2013 to try my luck for full time mba from jbims


Such a poorly written article. Sounds like it is written by a frog in a well.

The only thing that compares well with the JBIMS infrastructure is a lodge from a tier II city.

I am sure you are praising it so much because you didn’t appear for any competitive exam for your undergraduate as well as graduate studies other than MH CET.


Please read the article with a balanced mind before you post comments. And when you do, try to stick to facts and logical arguments instead of making ad hominem attacks. InsideIIM is not a forum for settling personal scores or venting daily-life frustrations.


@Shilp Dixit a.k.a.rST

It is really interesting to see how someone who isnt even doing an MBA comments on an article about B-School life !
It also shows how frustrated you are for not being able to get into JBIMS !

Shilp Dixit

@Anon a.k.a "the loser who has no guts to post his/her name but has the audacity to mock others"…

I am not doing an MBA out of choice and not compulsion due to low scores which might be the case for you. Best of luck for your future(trust me, the likes of you will need all the luck that you can collect)…

FYI: I would rather have my limbs cut-off and spend the rest of my life begging on the streets of Bombay than do an MBA from a third grade institute mentioned in the article.

B schol boy

🙂 , ur level of frustration is visible from the quality of your comment . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jamnalal_Bajaj , look at the names of the people and the positions they hold in reputed organsation who hav graduated from wat u claim to b a 3rd grade college , they are heads of companies which are dream companies fr any B school student in india .

@insideIIM : i seriously feel there is a need of censorship here like pagalguy coz unnecessary mudslinging is happening here without proper logi8cal reasoning ,

Shilp Dixit

Another anonymous user!…

I am confused how everyone can spot my non-existent frustration. My initial comments on the article were regarding the quality of the article which have been twisted to sound as if they were meant to attack JBIMS…

B school boy.

I seriously don't understand what is wrong with the article ? It simply provides the strengths of JB i.e 10 reasons why it is one of the top colleges in india ,none of which is false info in a simple and lucid manner and it is directed towards aspirants who are targetting JB . If you are not interested in JB , i dnt knw why u shud be bothered about the quality of writing ?

PS : weren't you anonymous in your 1st comment ?

Shilp Dixit

I had used my screen name(en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screen_name_(computing)): "rST" and if you care to notice someone from the admin team has replied to the article and mentioned my complete name.


Comments about article quality: This article is indeed poorly written. Reading it feels like reading 4th standard essays on "My City" or "My School". Please don't take me wrong when i say that i expected much better from a student in a 'topmost' institute of MBA in Maharashtra.
Comments for TJ: No offence but I think you are one of those Mumbaittes who imagine their whole life being spent in Mumbai only. I also love Mumbai so thats fair enough but I wouldn't like to be stuck in one place only. The JB's qualities which you rave about in this article are nothing when compared with IIMs. It gets such a high-end package mostly because of the location it is situated in, that is :Mumbai.

B school boy

I think you are again mst. shilp dixit with name changed . You are not here to judge to judge the quality of anyone's writing , this article provides information about a particular institute which is one of the top 10 institutes in india (if it wasn't , it wudnt hav featured here on insideIIIM.com ) . If u are interested in this college read the article find out wether the infornation provided to u is usefull to you or not , if it is not then move on , why unnecessary mudslinging at a reputed institute ??

Shilp Dixit

Mr. Anonymous user,

Why will I change my name for a post when I have been using my real name for every previous post?

The comments section are provided for readers to provide their feedback on the article. If you guys do not want feedback then why provide a comments section?…

I have no information or data based on which I can trust the tons of college rankings and insideIIM.com.

It is pretty evident from my previous comments that I am not remotely interested in doing an MBA(esp from JBIMS).


Comments about JB: I have been through GDPI rounds for CET(at JB) as well as for IIM-C. If you try to comparethe students, there is no comparison. The fact that IIM students are far better than JB is obvious since for JB you are competing at state-level and for IIM , at state level. I have seen the campus of JB and it sucks. They didn't even clean the toilets propely.The campus of my Engg college (which i hated) was better than JB's campus. and believe me, I am not expecting JB to compete it with IIM's campus. It is that bad for a 'Topmost' college.

B school boy.

infra was never the plus point of JB , bt its not as bad as you have mentioned , stop misleading people ,just to promote your propaganda . The infra is not spectacular , bt is well equipped with all the basic faclities which are required for an MBA . yes we dont have 100 acres of campus , bt look at the location where its situated , the best location fr any B school . students get tremendous industry exposure because of this location. JB attracts one of the best visiting faculty in the country again because of its location (http://www.jbims.edu//index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=314&Itemid=196 check out the visting faculty , and the postiuons they hold in reputed organisations ).

Most importantly , alumni network ! it has the best alumni network after IIM ABC ,equivalent to that of FMS, XL. . everyone knows placements are alumni driven.

Also check your facts , u r nt competing at state level for JB , there are 18 all india seats , nd it manages to attract best students from different parts of india , apart from top students from maharashtra.

lastly i would not say that JB is equivalent to IIM ABC , bt it is certainly equivailent to all other colleges featured here on this site.

Shilp Dixit

If the infra is not as bad as "Raskolnikov" mentions then please do mention how bad it is.

If a top MBA college cannot even provide proper hostel accommodation, how do u describe it to be well equipped. Oh!!!, probably the 18 all india students each year are not of much concern and the day-scholars prefer to travel in trains and buses at odd hours to get back to their rooms.

And speaking of top visiting faculty, is it because there is no permanent faculty?…

How are the top students in Maharashtra selected?…MH-CET, isn't it?… (SIMPER SIMPER)

And lastly, If the standards of all top MBA colleges in India are so low then I am genuinely disappointed. I dont care whether JBIMS is above or below IIM-ABC…

Once again I would like to wish you all the best for your placements(you cannot stop harping about them) and your future. I am certain you will do really well in life.

B school boy.

anyone can make out from your comments that you are up fr a propaganda against this college , but kindly do check your facts before posting comments . All the OMS and OHU ( candidates outside mumbai) are provided with hostel facilities , the hostel is just opposite marine drive , and at what rate ? Rs 8000 per year !!
The infra of JBIMS is good enuf such that it can accomodate all 120 students and can provide them with al basic facilties requiresd fr MBA ( free WIFI , audi , a library which is one of the best in asia with over 40k books , classrooms are equipped with the latest technology)

I am sure anyone who has given this years MH CET will hav a good laugh at your comments "simpler simpler" , check out coments on pagalguy regarding this years CET , it was tougher than CAT !!!

There are 90 visiting faculty and 5 parmanent faculty . Any problem with that ? as long as the faculty is of top quality ?

Lastly i would say that infra of JB is not as spectacular as the IIMs , thats mainly because of location constraints , u cannot hav a huge campus in churchgate ! But infra has very litle role in your MBA education ( go to lovely professional university if u want only infra , it has 500 acres of campus) , what matters mainly is the quality of students and the quality of faculty ! both are top notch at JB.

Shilp Dixit

My low expectations from MH-CET students have been confirmed!!! I am assuming you are one of the toppers…
you read SIMPER and auto-corrected it to a common word 'simpler' and started defending the difficulty level of the exam. I guess it was still not tough enough to weed out the useless quality of students. But these are the future leaders of multinationals, who am I to complain. Kid without an MBA…

Competitive exam without negative marking = random picking of students.

FYI: SIMPER: : Smile in an affectedly coquettish, coy, or ingratiating manner.

Time to brush up the verbal section, eh?

B school boy.

yes it is quite surprising how these random students become CEO,CFO's and presidents of leading MNCs (see alumni network) ? no ? i wonder wonder why such reputed organisations are handing over control of their organisations to useless quality of students . i guess next time they should consult from someone as intelligent as mst. shilp dixit before making such mistakes !

PS : yes i read it as simpler , thanks for pointing out my mistake , and i was neither aware of the word simper . Bt i beleive in leaning rather than boasting . 🙂

Shilp Dixit

Ok, whatever floats your boat. I am off for now. Hope we cross paths again.

In the mean time:
Your college: defend it
Your philosophy: follow it
Your Life: Justify it and do well…

Thanks for the evening of fun and entertainment.

FYI: *But, *I, *believe, *learning.

B school boy.

its a typo , hope u knw the difference between typos nd genuine mistakes , peace.