Hat-Ke IIM-K – 7 unique things that set us apart from others !

“Agar firdaus bar roo-e zameen ast, hameenasto hameenasto hameenast”

–          Amir Khusrow

One of the most legendary poets of our country, Amir Khusrow had once said this for the beautiful valleys of Kashmir, but, we are sure you will want to say the same when you visit our breath-taking ‘K’ampus.  Draped with lush greenery all around, first time visitors cannot help but wonder if this really is an academic institution or an exotic resort. Well, we say it is both. You will find students studying earnestly when they are required to, and at other times, you will find them indulging in all kinds of activities including sightseeing, adventure sports, hiking, jogging, going for those surreptitious night walks et al, all within the campus.


Well, this is just one thing that sets IIM Kozhikode apart from the other colleges. There are innumerable other things that one can think of. All you need to do is, stay here, do things the way we do and you are sure to experience moments of a lifetime.

1.       Bhookh Lagi Hai: We have various eating options within the campus premises. Apart from the mess that runs for almost 20 hours every day, we have a full-fledged restaurant that serves delicacies from different parts of India. For the coffee lovers, we have a cafe on campus that is everyone’s favourite spot to satiate junk food cravings. For the mid-night or let’s put it this way, early morning munchers, we have a dairy that stays open till 5 in the morning, and believe us, it’s Cold Coffee is worth dying for!

Now, for the ones who love eating food from their favourite restaurants in the city but are too lazy to move around, we have a special delivery service called ‘Bhook Lagi’ that supplies food to the lazy bums on Kampus. The ‘Bhook Lagi’ venture is owned by a team of PGP students at Kampus who handle its entire operations, from supply chain to marketing to finance!

And the best part is – all the eateries are indigenous as we believe in ‘Globalizing Indianness’!

2.       One-of-a-kind courses: Along with the traditional courses and with some other relatively unconventional ones like Globalization and culture, Discovering Self, Cinema and Life etc. that are offered in the form of electives, there are certain compulsory subjects like ‘Social Transformation of India’ and ‘Managerial Perspective’- that require interdisciplinary analysis and seek to create the need to gain expertise in dealing with and contributing to social change.


3.       Sessions on Self-realization:  Who says students of today are not spiritually agile? We have a discretionary course called ‘Self-Incorporated’ that has been specially designed to cover aspects like self-awareness, positive attitude, courage and confidence, health and fitness and time management. The course is completed in 24 sessions, spread over two years with several workshops, one-to-one mentoring sessions with special lectures by our esteemed director himself and outings to meaningful places like the Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry etc.


4.       International Exchange: In order to facilitate students with the exposure to foreign pedagogy, environment and culture, around 100 interested students are given an opportunity to choose from more than 30 partner universities from across the world, for a period of three months as a part of the International Exchange Programme. Also, the ones who choose to stay back get a chance to interact with their counterparts from the partner institutions who come down to IIM Kozhikode during different terms.


5.       Unique way of celebrating festivals: Be it the Dahi-Handi on Janamashtami, Onam Sadhya or the Christmas celebrations with the carol singing sessions and of course, anonymously exchanging of gifts on the Secret Santa night, all festivals are celebrated with equal zest. Apart from the usual ones, there are various other events like Food festivals, International day etc. completely organized and managed by and for the enjoyment of the students.




6.   Active in-kampus entertainment – Students here love to spend time in Kampus, and why not!? There are myriad reasons that contribute to the same. The clubs including Krescendo (Music), Footvibes (Dance), Theatrix (Drama), Atharva (Quizzing), K-Matinee (Cinema), Tripod (Photography), Pro-lit Cult (Literary activities), Kalakriti (Designing) give ample opportunities to students to showcase their talents and at the same time ensure they never find the need to look for alternative modes of entertainment outside.



A musician’s paradise, even the names of the hostels are based on famous Carnatic as well as Hindustani Ragas. We have a full-fledged band of our own, ‘Krescendo’, who along with the other music enthusiasts perform on various occasions such as ‘Aahatein’, the musical extravaganza. Everyone looks forward to those extremely entertaining drama nights by Theatrix that gives spellbinding performances like Pagla Ghoda (By Badal Sircar), The Vagina Monologues etc.

7.       KFL & KCL – We all know that all work and no play makes people dull! Well, here at IIM Kozhikode, apart from the usual inter-IIM sports festivals like ‘Sangram’ we also have annual football and cricket championships – the Kozhikode Football League and the Kozhikode Cricket League respectively. The entire process right from the selection of teams, auctioning of players etc. is followed like the professional tournaments. All the teams have their coaches, promoters, marketing managers and well, cheerleaders too!



God’s Own Kampus, indeed !

This article has been written by Venu Merh – Coordinator, Media Cell, IIM Kozhikode

Media cell is the student committee responsible for the publicity and branding of IIM Kozhikode across various media channels. It is the primary interface between the IIMK community and the media and acts as the window of IIMK to the world. 


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