Have Fun A Day Before Belling The CAT – The YES Movement – IIM Raipur

CAT’16 is just around the corner and we are sure that all of you are gearing up for the battle that lies ahead. What is the most important thing before giving a competitive exam like CAT? Is it preparation? Is it the knowledge that you possess? Is it the god-given gifts (to love mathematics)? No, it is none of the above mentioned things, but it is the confidence and self-belief that you take into CAT.  While the other things play a vital role, they fall a bit short when you don’t have the self-belief that you will crack CAT.

Generally aspirants start preparing for CAT around June. The main thing is to strike a balance between your current responsibilities and the preparation for CAT. People mostly are either in the final year of graduation or are working. The working professionals find it the most difficult to get a balance between work and CAT preparation.  Even after utilizing the weekends fully and sparing some time from the busy schedule on a daily basis, there are times when you will feel that you are coming unprepared and might not feel confident about giving CAT that year. However, you must never lose hope and have self-belief that you can “Bell the CAT” that very year. Having self-belief not only gives you confidence to take the exam but also makes you continue with the preparation throughout.

The last minute tactic is to learn only from the solution set of the mock tests by spending more time on the analysis of the solutions. This tip works so well that you will end up learning more than what you had learned during your preparation. It gives you the much needed boost to your self-confidence.

But one thing that you must have realized on looking back at your performance in the mocks would be that you fared better in the tests when you felt better! If you were feeling fresh and alert, your performance improved. If instead you had gone in to the exam feeling low, you did not think as quickly and as clearly and your performance suffered. So a key learning from this is that one should make sure YOU FEEL GREAT on the day of the exam. What can work for you are things like talking to your best friends on the day before the exam, waking up early on the day of the exam and making sure that you reach the exam hall well ahead of time. This makes sure that your mind is clear of tension and distractions just before the exam. To get relaxed on the D Day, you can listen to your favorite music or just have a short walk, just before the exam. Different things work for different people.

So just remember that your self-belief and confidence are just as important as preparation for CAT. So make sure to find out what works for you and remember to do them to feel confident on the day of the exam to deliver your best.

All the best and keep your hopes high!!