Hello! Mic Testing: A Memorable Classroom Experience At IIM Trichy

A Memorable Classroom Experience in IIM Trichy

It was just about a month into our first year at IIM Trichy and we were already tired of the traveling which we had to do from our new hostel located in the permanent campus far away from our temporary campus at the NIT Trichy, where we started our classes and studied for a month before we shifted to our state of the art new permanent campus. We have been enjoying the stay in the new dorm but were not at all aware of the fact that the classrooms were ready to surprise us with all the decors and latest civil engineering and smart technological marvel.

It was 11th August 2017, we were supposed to attend our classes in the new classrooms from that day onwards. Everyone was excited to see the new classrooms which were designed in a manner so that no one felt like a backbencher. Everyone had an equal exposure and the smart devices ensured that the visibility to the automatic whiteboard or the projector screen was even for all. But the most interesting phenomenon that was incorporated was the acoustic wall fittings which produced excellent quality sound effects. This was particularly exciting to me as I have an interest in music and singing, so I could just imagine the quality of sound that could come if a song would play in the classroom.

The time came, and it was the microeconomics lecture which was supposed to be taken by the faculty who happen to be the mentor faculty of the then music club ‘Swara’ (Rangmanch now). Unbeknownst, I was just taking in the aura of the grand classroom, that the class had started, and the professor was learning how to use the new audio equipment. A sudden murmur started and a few batchmates suggested a mic testing. Not a normal mic testing but a one which has a longer testing duration. What can serve the purpose better than music?

Being a music lover herself, professor allowed some music. After a quick suggestion of my name, I was pushed towards the center and I found myself with the mic in my hand and song requests being thrown at me. Not wasting much time, I started with my favorite song ‘Abhi mujh me kahin’. I enjoyed the spirit of the class to get me started and then the appreciation after I finished. The sound was nice (I hope the voice was as well) and I returned to my seat.

But this experience started a train of thoughts which was very different. It was about the freedom and informality that I felt, still being inside an IIM’s classroom. The inhibitions the classroom removes, the opportunities to test things and the sheer confidence to just go out and test it. The stigma attached to the classroom vanished in a moment, it can so be a place for fun, frolic and experiences. More than the testing of the mic, it was the testing of so many more intangible essential qualities which I need to carry with me in my personality even after I step out of the campus. The first class had instilled in me that the classroom was just like my room where I study as well as test things without inhibitions.

Not having performed before in my engineering days, it was this confidence which I gained from that day. I carried it forward and performed on many cultural occasions, later ended up becoming the IIM Trichy Idol for singing.


Which ABG Company Do I Want To Work For And Why?

Working with ABG would certainly be a dream come true. Choosing a company out of the many is a difficult choice to make, when all of the businesses are great in one way or the other.

Provided the opportunity, I would like to join Idea Cellular. This is the industry which is at the peak of reformation, competitive and strategic cusp. I think Idea cellular stands in a place where a radical shift in its strategy and revitalized customer attention is warranted. I want to be the part of this fast-changing industry and what better place to work for can you wish for, than a brand name as big as Idea Cellular to quench the desire for changing the world through technology?

My previous work experience with technology and my latest education in management makes a good combination to be able to add value to the company in its various new initiatives for customer retention and new market development.

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