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IIM Ranchi has grown leaps and bounds since its inception. We have learnt to leverage our strengths, and also to make the best of our limitations, while constantly improving them. Though the institute is only five years old, the speed with which it is growing is commendable The word “new” makes people sceptical whether to join a new IIM or not but after coming here, students have experienced transformational changes in their lives. Being part of an upcoming IIM has made the students work harder so as to bring the standards of both the institute and the students at par with the best business schools across the world. This is the speciality of the students of IIM Ranchi. We may not have our own campus right now, but these things have never stopped us from tapping our true potential. IIM Ranchi has excelled in so many international as well as national level competitions like Mahindra War Room, Axis Moves, Deloitte Maverick, etc. IIM Ranchi has sworn that  it will not stop at any cost and that it will reach the heights that it has aimed for.

IIM Ranchi has its own creative Grayscale Team comprising of innovative and talented people. They capture and create great videos and picture, but the exposure was confined to the boundaries of the institute. The students then thought –“Why not show it to the outside world what actually IIM Ranchi is?”



And as the motto of IIM Ranchi says –”Working to bring change towards success, not only for one’s self, but also for the community”, they started working on it.

What better way to show the culture of IIM Ranchi to the outside world than capturing the culture and aura of the place in a video. A lot of effort has been put in by each and every member of the institute in making this video. We want to convey the message that being a part of any initiative is amazing and if situations are difficult, it only makes it more enjoyable.

In any journey, it is important to pause, reflect, and carry out a reality check to understand where you are and to have clarity on where you are headed. It is equally important to let in the outside world and share and exchange your values and culture.

We, the students of IIM Ranchi, are both proud and excited to share the beauty and magic of the amazing institute, that is IIM Ranchi.

IIM Ranchi

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