The House of Mafias – IIM Trichy

At IIM Trichy you would find a lot of people with different intellectual level and with the thought process. It will not always be necessary that you would be able to match their wavelength.

In the same way, I met these young lads, who were crazy at heart. Their names are Mukesh, Meghan, Vishal and JayKris. These are four crazy guys I would like to introduce. They are ordinary humans with some extraordinary crazy skill set. So, let me introduce them to you one by one in brief

1)Mukesh Johnson Kujjur:

He is one of my early friends at IIM Trichy. We met while playing cricket and I immediately named him as champion because he could literally play any sport, be it be Badminton, Football, Table Tennis anything. He is a fitness freak as well. He is very hardworking. He crazily works out. He anyhow manages his team time so that he doesn’t miss out his workout and the other reason why I call crazy because he is someone who would do all the group assignment alone. He is a team in himself because of which later on I renamed him as“Majdur”. Before we sat for a group discussion for a case, he was ready with the solution. He was so crazily workaholic.

2)Meghan Kamath:

He is someone who is very shy and introvert type. But his intellectual capability is next level. My 1 st interaction with him was during a case discussion. He could literally read a page within 10-15 seconds. The other thing about him is that he has his own Anime world. He is so obsessed with them that his room is only filed with Anime characters. He is a babyface assassin.

3)Vishal Saurav Runda:

He was my 1 st friend at IIM Trichy and was my roommate as well at IIM Trichy campus. I playfully call him“Runda – The Gunda”.He is very creative in his thought process and his ideas as well. He was an inventory for anything and everything you need. You just ask him he will have it. He has designed his room with crazy lightings. He also likes to party hard and would make sure that the other person who is with you parties harder. In the whole batch, you have people just competing with each other, pulling each other down but he is someone who would make you push to the next level. A brother in a true sense.

4)Jaykris Guru Charan:

He is a very smart guy and who knows what he wants to do in his life. He is someone with no-nonsense attitude. He asks crazy questions to Prof. Even the professors take a huge pause while answering his question. Before coming to IIM Trichy, he was a pure “Tam-Bram” but after coming here he started eating non-veg and the way he was eating non-veg, it was crazy. I am a non-vegetarian but I can’t. He breaks the bone and sucks the bone marrow which I haven’t done so well the way he does it.

Which ABG Company would you want to work for and why?

I would like to work for Aditya Birla Retail because it is something which excites me and I like marketing a lot. With my internship based on marketing strategy, I believe I would be able to leverage my experience to apply my knowledge for the betterment of the organization. Add to this my love for marketing ever since I was young, combined with my marketing courses at IIM Trichy, I believe I would be highly suitable for a marketing role at Aditya Birla Retail Limited, specifically at More Megastore.

This article is written by Krishna Singh Jaishekhar – Class of 2019

IIM Trichy Placement Team

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