How A Fresher Managed To Get An Internship With ITC Limited | Rishab Baid, IIM Lucknow

When I arrived in Lucknow, I realized the growth this place has to offer, but I also soon realized the competition that came with it. I had heard that a fresher with such a short CV would not get the kind of company he wants. But I have never been one to take things for granted.

The beginning

In 2 months, I got myself into the basketball team, the placement preparation committee (Team Disha) and the dance club (Random Walk). Finally, my CV was much better than what I started with. I promised myself that I would convert the first company which I sat for. But I knew that shortlists were only half the battle.

Having wasted some time, I started with my preparation. I was interested in the field of marketing. Starting from Kotler to AMA, I skimmed through it all. Once I was at par with everyone else, I started aiming for more. I went on with advanced preparation – Knowing about companies and brands, case lets and frameworks, etc.

The shortlists

The first shortlist that I got was from ITC Limited, and subsequent ones followed. I started preparing solely for ITC and forgot about everything else. I contacted the Seniors, Alums and everyone I could get my hands on.

Finally, the day came. The first round was a group discussion and to my surprise, it was the same they had given 2 years ago which I got to know from an Alum.

The Doomsday

The next day was the interview. The earlier candidates told me that they were taking a stress interview, examining our knowledge in the field of marketing. There was an Alum that came with them and she was helping us revise the basic marketing jargons. When she came up to me asking if I needed help, oddly enough I denied. I needed to keep my mind clear before a stress interview.

There were 2 panellists, both male. I thought they would use the Good cop-Bad cop play, but they knew better. They were asking all the conceptual questions with a grin on their face, being sly. I answered them all the same, with a smile on mine. They asked about my academics and my shift from CA to Marketing, but I did not let go of that smile. They asked me to sell a cigarette and I sold one to them. In the end, one man said, “Good luck for whatever happens in the future, but I enjoyed meeting you.”

And that is how I kept my promise.

The Learnings

  1. Never undermine yourself for your past; you can always work the present and change the future.
  2. Don’t waste too much time planning, such that you have too little to prepare.
  3. If you do only what everyone else is doing, you will never surpass anyone.
  4. Lastly, there is no limit to where you can be. It is you who sets the limit and it is you who can break them.

Rishab Baid

Rishab Baid hails from Kolkata. He is currently pursuing his MBA from IIM Lucknow. He will be interning with ITC Limited in Summers in Sales and Marketing. He has completed my Graduation in Hons from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, in Marketing specialization. Besides, he has also cleared the intermediate level of the Chartered Accountancy course. At IIML, he is a part of Team DISHA, the placement preparation committee, which aids the preparation of 900+ students. He is also an ardent dancer and is a part of Random Walk, the Dance and Choreo Club of IIML. P.S: Basketball gives him a kick and is a part of IIML Basketball Team.Happy to do what i do at IIM lucknow. This is all about me.