How Aditya Birla made me feel ‘At Home’.Shruthi Chatla, IIM Ranchi.

Homecoming is always a bliss. Living away from home and parents for 10 years had only increased the urge to go back home and it’s the only feeling that has been growing constantly. As I moved away from my parents to pursue my 11th and 12th I have always wondered throughout the journey from my hometown to Hyderabad that the one who invented the tiers for transportation shouldn’t have done that. Little did I know what was awaiting in my life for me.

After three weeks into hostel for the first being away from home, I was quite emotional when I received my first ever mobile phone and had a chance to talk to my parents. I called them and talked about how happy I was to be having a chance to talk to them. Thank you, IDEA! I thought to myself. Every time I called them it was inspiration and filled enough energy to fight through the week full of assignments and weekend tests. I still wonder how hard would it be without having had a chance to talk to them. Studying at Under Graduation college is when I realized many things. About my character, perception, and for the first time may be about my fashion sense.

This was my first-time mall experience and introvert in me wakes up and in result I’m very shy to even try to got to any mall and try clothes trending. Finally, I am in front a retailer, and I was wished by the lady at the entrance. Her smile gave a sense of assurance and something told me that I can be what I want to be. This is the perfect place where I find myself. And where I want to be more of myself. Thank You, Pantaloons! I thought to myself. Comes the season of the Campus placements and also brings the need for the formals. The only destination that comes to mind is Pantaloons.

Here we go again with high spirits and fully energetic to make our mark for the first time from campus to Corporate. Buying formals from Van Heusen and the hassle-free service brings assurance and service from the employees felt like a pat on back, which felt like ‘You can do it!’. On landing into Corporate World with so much on plate and in midst of major transitions going on Planet Fashion was my favorite choice to shop.

Being an elder sister, it was my responsibility to look after my brother. We both were living away from our parents and have always looked after each other. Comes my first salary, I took my brother to shopping. Buying him Allen Solly Clothes bring a bright smile on his face as if I have gifted him the world. I know how happy he was. After all, I was a teenager too. And there is no other bliss in the whole like the one you get when I you buy something for your parents.  

+1, +2, College, or Office, these were my homes away from home. People I have met, friends I have made, lessons I have learnt, challenges I have faced, there was a silent comforter, supporter, who always was there to give a pat on my back was Aditya Birla Group.

Thank you, for making Black Carbon tires that let me go places and learn about life, learn how important home is. And learn to evolve myself into what I am today. Thank you, for letting me built myself as strong as my home, as strong as UltraTech Cement. Of course, the same that was used to build our own house. Thank you for letting me have something to look up to. And now i am here at IIM Ranchi, thousand miles away from home yet feeling like at home whenever is look at Zoo-zoo dolls gifted by my mother. Thank you, for making me feel at home.