How Aparna From SCMS Cochin Got Placed with Deloitte

My journey at SCMS Cochin School of Business might have been tedious but it was exciting because I know it built the platform for my career. It was more like a pre-job experience where I had to handle multiple tasks and be responsible for my own actions.” These are the words of Aparna R, who has finally realized her lifelong career dreams. She has managed to bag a prestigious placement as a Tax Consultant with Deloitte U.S. India Ltd. This achievement, after years of hard work, has her on cloud nine.

Aparna considers herself lucky to get placed in a Tax related profile because it is a field that she enjoys tremendously. Hence, she is eager to get started and prove her mettle as a professional. “Whatever the job might be, I am ready for it,” she says. “They expect us to assist individuals and companies in tax planning and management to reduce their tax burden. Working with clients from different countries will be challenging, but also very exciting.”

Aparna is buzzing with energy looking forward to her professional journey; however, she has mixed feelings now that her academic life at SCMS Cochin is coming to an end. Reflecting on her time at the institute, she says, “There are a lot of things I am going to miss: my mentor group, hostel mates, and all of the opportunities the institute gave me. But above all I am going to miss the five minute breaks and dozing off between classes.” Her appreciation of her time at SCMS Cochin, and of her friends and mentors is evident by the huge smile on her face.

In a testament to the value of education at the institute, Aparna had her hands full while in the PGDM Were things ever get too much to manage? Was the workload too much? Without pausing for a moment she replies, “Well, it was hard work but I always knew that it was for my career. I wanted to be a part of a PGDM program that would make a difference in my life –that is why I came to SCMS Cochin. I haven’t ever regretted that decision. The institute puts a lot of effort into making us well-groomed professionals.”

Aparna also talks about the efforts of her faculty members. They helped her understand management concepts, along with their practical implications. They were also supportive during the placement process, which was a big help. She singles out the Summer Internship Program that got her industry ready. “I did my internship with Control Print, an emerging coding and manufacturing company,” she tells us. “It was a small firm, but my time there taught me a lot.”

It was this solid preparation through several mediums that prepared Aparna for the placement process. Ultimately, however, it was only her in the interview room, and she  had to make the lasting impression. What, according to her, did she do right? “I made them feel my passion for the job in the interview,” she strongly asserts. “If you don’t have the skills and passion for a job then it becomes a chore. Deloitte wasn’t just a job, it was THE job I was looking for.”

Just like Aparna had made up her mind about the job she really wanted, she asks her juniors to set goals for the placement process, and to do everything to reach them. “I would really like to tell the juniors to not sit for every placement to get a job,” she says. “Know more about the companies and jobs they are offering so that there’s no disappointment later. Fix upon a job and work towards it before it’s too late.” These are powerful words from an accomplished alumnus. And, based upon her achievements, those currently at SCMS Cochin would do well to listen. .