How can I get an Interview Call from IIM Ahmedabad ? – CAT 2013 : PGP 2014-16

You can find the detailed shortlisting and selection criteria for IIM Ahmedabad for the Class of 2016 here

Salient Points

– Minimum overall percentile to qualify for a shortlist has been relaxed to 90%ile. This is now similar to the basic filter applied by IIM Bangalore and IIM Indore. However, the weight given to CAT is a healthy 70% as against less than 40% at IIM B.

– Diversity of academic disciplines has been given prime importance. If you are in the top 1% as per your CAT score in your academic discipline among the 5 identified by IIM Ahmedabad, you will immediately get a call provided you have 90%ile overall and 85% in each section. Clearly, the number of engineers at IIM A will fall. The last two years have had over 95% engineers. It will fall to close to 70% from next year as per our estimates. Engineers are bound to feel a little aggrieved.

– No favour for girls. No extra marks for gender.

– No advantage for having work experience when being shortlisted

– If one reads the criteria for Stage 1c, it still has the fundamental flaw which everyone has been crying about for the last 2 years to some extent. Students from boards that throw marks will be benefited. However, the degree of advantage has reduced. So someone with 90+ marks will still be given more marks without any normalization but the degree of weight has been reduced. Application rating is now much more fair as it is not multiplicative like the last 2 years


The 5 academic disciplines identified by IIM A are on page 8 and 9 of this document

Test Case 1 : Arts Graduate gets 99%ile

Let us assume this Arts graduate gets 99%ile with 85%ile+ in both sections.

His 10th,12th,15th scores are : 85%,82% and 77%.

Now, 77% in an Humanities stream is excellent graduation percentage. In many universities, such an individual could be a topper. However, since IIM A is allergic to normalization, this person would have never got an IIM A  call as per last year’s criteria.  Even people with lesser %ile than this person and with a grad score 85% had a better chance to qualify. The old criteria was unfavourable to this person and students from universities and streams which throw marks would benefit.

Now, provided this person is among the top 1% or among the top 50 candidates, whichever is lower, in his academic discipline, he will immediately get a call.

He will get a call even if he has 95%ile but is among the top 50 candidates in his discipline.

This criteria is unlikely to look at the category the person belongs to at this stage. There is no clarity on it in the criteria.

Test Case 2 : Engineer gets 99.6%ile

Let us assume this person gets 99.6%ile with 85%ile+ in both sections.

His 10th,12th,15th scores are also 85%,82% and 77%.

Now it is unlikely that an engineer with 99.6%ile will be among the top 50 candidates in his discipline. Hence, getting a call through Stage 1b as applied to the Arts graduate above is out of question for this person. Based on history of the CAT, the top 50 candidates in the Engineering discipline will close above 99.9%ile

Hence, stage 1c will be applied to this person.

Let us start with the Application Rating.

IIM A-Application rating - 2014-16-insideiim

His/Her application rating will be :

(0.5*7)+ (1.5*7) +(2.5*7) = 3 + 10.5 + 17.5 = 31 out of a total of 45

Now, this person’s composite score which is used to shortlist people would be :

Assume 99.6%ile is a scaled score of 300 out of 450  ,

70% weight to CAT will yield = (300/450) * 0.7 = 0.46666

30% weight to Application Rating = (31/45) * 0.3 = 0.20666

Total 0.673333 out of a maximum of 1

Now, let us assume that IIM A will call 400 general category candidates over and above the general category candidates from the 250 called as per criteria in Stage 1b.

Provided, the score of 0.6733333 is among the top 400 this person may get a call.


Our friend’s at the Media Cell at IIM Ahmedabad have also written about the salient features of the IIM Ahmedabad’s revised selection policy here

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