How Can I Get An Interview Call From IIM Calcutta? – CAT 2015 : PGP 2016 -18

There is very little change to the IIM Calcutta shortlisting or selection process as compared to last year. Clearly, it is a formula which has worked for IIM C.

The changes

1) Instead of 85,85,90 candidates scoring 80,80,80 percentiles in the 3 sections and 90 percentile overall from the general category will be considered in the first filter.

2) CAT weight has gone down from 77 to 67 in the shortlisting criteria.

3) Weight to 10th and 12th scores is 15/100 each instead of 10/100 each last year

The Process

  1. The first stage is composed of achieving minimum CAT percentile (both section wise cutoff and overall)
  2. The score calculation for composite score will be done for those candidates who will clear the above cut-offs
  3. There are points and weights assigned to the following factors for composite score- CAT score, past academic performance(excluding your graduation scores) and gender diversity ( 3 points for females)
  4. Final score will be calculated on the basis of WAT, PI, CAT score, Under graduation and work experience
  5. Many candidates will get a level play as same weightage has been given to marks more than 80 in classes 10th and 12th
  6. Highest weightage is given to candidates with work-ex between 2.5 and 3 years. Candidates with less than 6 months work-ex will not be given any weightage


The Criteria As Given on the Website

Stage 1 short-listing comprises candidates achieving the minimum section-wise and overall percentile in CAT 2015 as per Table 1 below:


Table 1: Minimum Cut-off Percentile for short-listing the candidates for Personal Interview (PI) stage



Stage II: Calculation of Composite Scores for Short-listing for PI stage

The Composite Score is calculated on the basis of CAT 2015 score, Class X and Class XII aggregate percentages, and gender diversity factor.

Table 2: Points for Class X and Class XII marks*


*(For computing the percentage of marks obtained in Class X and Class XII, the aggregate marks of all subjects that appear in the mark sheet/grade sheet would be considered irrespective of whether the Board considers them for calculation of percentage).


The composite cut-off score(as calculated in Table 3) is used for short-listing the candidates for PI stage in each category. The number of candidates short-listed for PI stage would be the discretion of the institute and would depend on the batch size of 2016-18.

Table 3: Components and corresponding weights assigned for generating category-wise short-lists for the PI stage


A = Candidate’s Total CAT 2015 score
B = Maximum CAT 2015 Score
C = Points awarded for Class X marks as per Table 2
D = Points awarded for Class XII marks as per Table 2

Candidates based on their composite score will be called for the PI stage of selection process like Personal Interview (PI), Written Ability Test (WAT) etc.

Final Selection

A candidate’s final score for selection is calculated on the basis of Table 4 below :

Table 4: Criteria and weights for final selection for PGP- PGDM


For work experience, a maximum of Eight points will be awarded depending on the length of service as on January 31, 2016 . Only managerial work experience after graduation will be considered. Please note that Training/Project work/work done as an integral part of curricular requirement will not be considered.

Table 5: Points for work experience in completed months




The three marks benefit for gender diversity is something that needs to be accepted as something which will stay for a few years if not decades (the form of benefit may change but women will get some benefit always in most top IIMs for sometime), and frankly, it is not too difficult to get more than 80% in your Std. X and Std XII. It is graduation where the differences in percentages across boards becomes very severe. But graduation scores are not being considered, and getting more than 80% in Std X and Std XII will put you in the top bracket any way, so you need not worry about normalization. In short, the battle to get an interview call from IIM Calcutta for CAT 2015 is an all-out war based mainly on your CAT percentile.


If you have a less-than-stellar past academic record, IIM Calcutta is your best bet. It is a straight battle between percentiles. Graduation scores are not considered. Even in the scores for Std X and Std XII which are considered, you get full marks for being above 80%. We get several queries in our helpline from people claiming that their poor acads are the only thing standing between them and a place in the top IIMs. Well, the answer to them is loud and clear – at IIM C you have no excuses. It is a straight battle between percentiles, and IIM C represents your best chance to get into the ABC bracket if you have poor acads.



As per previous data, a score of 99.7%ile with all sections cleared is a place for a Male to get a call (Assuming you have 80%+ in your 10th and 12th)


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