How can I get an Interview Call from IIM Kozhikode ? – CAT 2015 : PGP 2016-18

The detailed shortlisting and selection criteria for getting an interview call from IIM Kozhikode is given here.

While there are no changes from the last year’s criteria,we would like to highlight a few salient points in the selction criteria.

(We explain IIM Indore Shortlisting Criteria here – IIM A, IIM C, IIM L can be found here)

 Personal Interview, rather than CAT performance, will have the highest influence on final selection: Just like the previous year,Personal Interview is the make or break factor for selection into IIM K with a whooping 45% weightage given to it.

– Female Engineer on par with female non-engineer and male non-engineer : Except Male Engineers,all other candiates will be on equal footing with the 5% component given to Gender/Academic diversity.

– Equal Focus on Graduation and Class 12 scores for intial shortlist : If you have screwed up your class 10 scores,IIM K might still have it’s doors open for you.We feel that the criteria is a little unfair for students graduating from arts/humanities stream and also students from less lenient boards.

–   Basic filters for CAT scores and Std X, XII scores remain unchanged: The basic filters for CAT score (80% sectionals and 90% overall), and Std X and Std XII score (60%) remain unchanged.



The selection criteria explained (for first timers)

The shortlisting and selection criteria for IIM Kozhikode are explained below:


This is a two-step process – basic filtering, followed by profile scoring and shortlisting.

Basic filter

The basic filter is a set of conditions like minimum CAT percentile (sectional and overall), minimum Std X score and minimum Std XII score. The basic filters are given below


Category CAT Score Percentile Sectional Percentile SSC/X class Percentile HSC/XII class Percentile
General 90 80 60 60
OBC (NC) 80 70 60 60
SC 65 50 55 55
ST/DA 55 40 55 55

An Index Score is calculated on the basis of CAT scores and the past academic records of graduation, class XII and class X.


CAT Index Score:

Performance in CAT is an important input in the admission process. Candidates should note that it is important to perform well in each section of the test. Scaled Scores from both the sections (with equal weightages) of CAT 2015 will go into the computation of the CAT Index Score. CAT Index Score will carry a weight of 75%.

Graduation Index Score:

Marks are allotted on the basis of the percentage obtained in the graduation or till the final year of graduation, in case the candidates are in the final year of graduation, their latest aggregate marks would be considered.

Candidates who completed their Bachelor’s degree the percentage marks reported in their marks/grade sheet will be considered.  For candidates having a 5‐year integrated Master’s degree, the percentage of marks obtained in the first 3 years will be considered as bachelor’s degree percentage. Graduation index score calculation is provided below,

Graduation Marks (%) Scores
≥81 7.5
≥ 76 and < 81 6
≥ 71 and < 76 4.5
≥ 66 and < 71 3
≥ 60 and < 66 1.5
< 60 0

HSC/ Class XII Index Score:

The percentage of marks obtained in HSC/Class XII would be the aggregate marks of all subjects that appear in the marks sheet or grade sheet, irrespective of whether the Board considers them for calculation of percentage. The method of allotting score for HSC/ Class XII percentage based on aggregate marks is provided below,

Class XII Marks (%) Scores
≥81 7.5
≥ 76 and < 81 6
≥ 71 and < 76 4.5
≥ 66 and < 71 3
≥ 60 and < 66 1.5
< 60 0

Work Experience Index Score:

Work experience will carry a weight of up to 5% depending on the length of service as on January 31, 2016. Only fulltime managerial work experience after graduation will be considered. Training/Project work/work completed as an integral part of curricular requirement will not be considered. The highest score under this section is 5 for professionals with work experience of 22-24 months.

Months Scores
0-5 0
6-12 0.5
13-15 1.5
16-18 2.5
19-21 3.5
22-24 5
25-27 3.5
28-30 2.5
31-36 1.5
>31 1

Diversity Index Score:

To ensure diversity, marks will be awarded for diversity {gender (5%) or academic discipline (5%)} related factors.

The weightage for different components for calculating the aggregate scores is provided below


Component Maximum Weight
CAT 2015 Scores 75%
Class XII marks 7.5%
Graduation marks 7.5%
Work experience 5%
Academic/Gender Diversity Factor 5%
Total 100

Stage 2:

In the second stage, the short‐listed candidates will have to appear for a GD/WAT followed by a Personal Interview (PI).The topics can be from current political, economic, sports, business affairs, and other fields. During the interview, the panel will evaluate each candidate’s performance on academic background, quality of work experience and other personal traits.

The components and maximum weightage for computing final scores after GD/WAT-PI are:

Component Maximum Weight
Personal Interview 45%
CAT 2015 35%
GD/WAT 15%
Work experience quality 5%

The Final Verdict

Ensuring a flawless PI coupled with a decent CAT score are the major factors which can land you a seat in the 2016-18 batch of IIM Khozikhode.Compared to IIM C, IIM K’s selection criteria places a little more weightage on academic record. IIMC’s emphasis on previous acads is negligible and it is quite unlikely to be a differentiating factor. IIM K on the other hand gives  solid 15% weightage to Graduation and Std XII.Also unlike IIMC,awarding marks on gender diversity solely has been done away with putting females on a equal footing with male non-engineers.


For last year’s selection criteria at IIM K, read here

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