How Google Algorithm Can Be Used For Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In this digital age, internet has ruled the way people are connecting, buying, shopping, etc. Digital marketing has become an important part of the core marketing activities of any organisation in the recent years. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an integral part of digital marketing and this article will show how one can understand the algorithm of Google, the prominent Search Engine, and use it for optimisation of web sites.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process by which a web page is optimized for Search Engines. This makes it easy for search engines to easily categorize and access your website’s content. This will increase the chances of people finding your website (or web pages) easily; leading to the increase in traffic to your site.

Understanding how search engine works:

1) Crawling – Search engines run a program that helps them in discovering content on web pages.

2) Indexing – The search engines index the content it crawls so that it can be easily retrieved when someone does a search

3) Querying – It is the process by which the search engine shows you a list of the results from your search query

What’s an algorithm?

Algorithms are complex problem-solving algorithms that are used in a program to provide certain results. Google uses the PageRank algorithm which uses a set of signals that determines the trustworthiness, reputation, or authority of a source (web page). The web pages are ranked according to the criteria that they fulfil as set by the PageRank algorithm.

Using Google algorithm for SEO

1) Google algorithm loves quality – If your web pages have quality content that can impress a human being then it can impress Google as well. Google algorithm loves high quality content. It sees how unique and in-depth the content in those web pages are. Content will always be the king when it comes to SEO.

Great content can always help to rank even the websites of small and medium businesses way ahead of their big counterparts.

2) Freshness of the web pages – Google algorithm checks for the freshness of your web pages in order to understand its authority. If you do not update your pages on a regular basis, it will appear to be stale and less appealing to the algorithm. So, it is important to keep the web pages updated.

3) Adaptable to RankBrain – Google takes the help of an artificial intelligence (AI) program called “RankBrain” help process search queries nowadays. This is why the results for the same search vary from place to place. SEO should be nimble to adapt to the changes in the way it shows search queries.

4) Need more creativity while using keywords – Keywords will become a tricky area with all the new algorithm updates. Keyword targeting will become a difficult task and one will have to be careful while using keyword-centric content. The core algorithm of Google has over 200+ factors and it is easy to get overwhelmed by it.

SEO is an activity for the patient ones. You have to be patient to see the results and also not give up in the middle. To get a better understanding of its process, you can always take a professional digital marketing course. This will provide you with the updated knowledge of Google algorithms and also teach you how to keep up with any new algorithms that may come in the future.