How To Design A Logo: 5 Expert Tips

Logo design is something that every brand needs to consider very carefully. If done properly these mighty images can convey the main principles of your business, and distinguish it from the jam-packed market.

Businesses need logos to be instantly recognized by their consumers. What comes to your mind when you see such trademarks as “Swoosh” or a huge letter “M”? Nike and McDonald’s cannot be mistaken for other brands. Take for example Starbucks logo. In 2011 it underwent redesign and got rid of the name on the logo. A simple paper cup with a siren is the most recognizable to-go container in the world. The Siren became a signal of the world’s finest coffee all over the globe.

Last year Google proved that updating an old logo can be as transformational as creating a new one. The brand is a huge part of our everyday lives. We expect it to help whenever and wherever we need it, on our mobile phones, TV, watch, a desktop of course. Introducing a new logo reflects this reality.  It states that Google is working for us.

There is a long way from an initial logo idea to the end product. Follow these five tips and create an iconic logo for your brand.

Don’t stop on the first project

The perfect logo isn’t something that comes from the first idea.

The most frequent problem is when designers adore their first logo drafts and try to work with a single concept. It is actually an imperative in logo design to brainstorm ideas, find new solutions and to experiment. Think about what changes should be in the logo, what should it express?

If you are completely changing the concept of your business than it would be logical to create a new logo and communicate this change to the market.

But if you are simply changing the focus than a logo refreshment would be a nice touch. Just make sure that the design you choose is compatible with your vision and strategy

Understand your audience

Designers are usually so devoted to their work they forget that they are not creating the image for themselves but for their client. An important part of the whole process is understanding who will interact with the logo, who the end user is, who will communicate with the brand.

Of course you have to please the client first but it will be worth nothing if the end customers won’t be satisfied. You are the one who can make the business prosper

Educate your client

The key to success is understanding the company you’re designing for. Research the business, its history, culture, position on the market, competitors and needs. It is impossible to create a logo that will reflect the business without this knowledge.

Communicate with your clients throughout the whole design process. For most clients, creation of a new logo is a completely new episode in company’s history. You’ll have to educate your clients, explain the strategy and ensure they help you in your quest. Your client is not a designer and will probably never become one but he has to understand and value your job.

Stay true to the brand

New ideas are very important for design but it is unlikely that clients will allow you to start out fresh. They will definitely want you to keep certain elements of their old logo, especially those that are well known to their customers.

You’ll have to find new ways to represent those elements, to give them new meanings and at the same time stay true to the brand and give it better presentation.

Keep things simple

Starbucks and Google have proven that simplicity is the key victory. They cast away unessential elements but the idea behind their logos remained. Don’t try to say to many things, to assemble everything in one piece. Pick the strongest idea and convey it in the simplest way possible! Use our to find more and more variants of logo that rocks!

Brian Jens

Technical writer and copywriter at IDAP Group. Say “hi” to us on Facebook or Twitter.