How To Make a Resume – Common Mistakes – Summer Time Madness – Part II – Reliance And InsideIIM

We bring you the second episode of Summer Time Madness – Our 10 part video series in association with Reliance Industries.

In the second part, we cover the nitty-gritties and some very common errors that applicants are prone to making while building content for their CV. What points should be highlighted at the start of your resume? How okay is it to use high level vocabulary in your CV? Will it be impressive or too complex for the reader to comprehend?




It could be something as trivial as giving a title to your CV or something complex like working on the structure of your sentences , these are questions which will come your way making this process crucial.

Let’s have a look at some frequently made mistakes and how do you avoid committing some serious faux pas while making your resume.

  • ‘One Size does not fit All’ – Try and customize data on your CV when applying to different companies operating in different sectors. What could go well for an interview at a consulting giant could possibly backfire while applying for an MNC bank. Look through details and bring relevant points to the table for every application you make.
  • Proof is in the pudding – Always have justifications for every single point written in your resume. Every task that has been performed or every decision made in the past should be backed by data and should reflect well in the content that you present in your resume. You must have proof for any claim you make in your resume.
  • Attention to details: Achievements, academic or extra-curricular, should ideally follow a reverse chronological format. Recency of the achievement as important as the scale/level at which it was achieved.
  • It is recommended that you present your CV in a PDF format as opposed to other formats.

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