How To Make Your Resume Noticed In The First 30 Seconds

Not many job hunters know that they have less than 30 seconds to make the first impression and get noticed by a prospective recruiter. This short period of time is usually enough for a hiring manager to look through your resume and decide whether they will put it in the interview pile or not. Unless your application document is persuasive and impressive enough, it may end up in the reject pile and, as a result, you won’t get a chance to market yourself in person. In this article, we are going to share with you some of the useful advice on how to get noticed by a hiring manager in the first 30 seconds and win the job interview.

Customise Your Document

Of course, the structure and format of your CV are important, but the content is something that is crucial in an attempt to catch the eye of the recruiter. First of all, you should worry about the content of your document because this is where most applications fail to get through the initial screening process and appear face to face with the employer. Only after you’ve focused on the content and put it in order, you may switch to the formatting and structure of your resume. With the help of the best resume writers in NYC  this challenging task can be done fast and with no hassle.

Writing a custom cover letter is a must, but tailoring your resume to the job requirements described in the job posting should not be omitted too. Try to customise the application document, so that you keep the basic information but add the bullet points or rearrange the details in accordance with your achievements and experience. Using bullet points is a great idea as they help to emphasise your accomplishments that are relevant to the job you are applying for and to get noticed by the hiring manager. Also, adding some keywords mentioned in the job description will increase your chances on getting into the interview pile.

Details Are Important

Be specific and pay attention to the details in order to be considered the right candidate for the job. The common mistake of many job seekers is that they describe their previous jobs and experience without being specific and explaining some significant details to the hiring managers. If you just mention your past job titles without explaining what exactly you did and what results you had, the recruiters may not understand why you are the right candidate and why they should choose you.

Again, the job description will tell you what certain things or skills are necessary for a particular job, then you can highlight those skills in your resume using bullet points. Remember to mention what exactly you accomplished and achieved in previous jobs and what skills helped you achieve those results. Don’t leave this information for the job interview as you may not receive a phone call at all.

Emphasise Transferrable Skills

You may not always have the right skills necessary for a particular job, especially if you are changing careers or transition from military to the civilian sector. Don’t worry if your background doesn’t seem to be a 100% fit for the job you are applying for. In order to conceal that gap, you want to emphasise the specific skills and abilities that are transferable and can be made relevant for other jobs. Again, don’t wait for the hiring manager to solve your puzzle and connect your background and experience with their job posting – do it yourself.

So, first pay attention and check the content of your resume. Later, optimise the format and the structure so that the recruiters will easily find the information that matters and link it to their needs.