How To Prepare for an Interview – Interview Questions – Summer Time Madness – Reliance & InsideIIM

This is the 9th episode of Summer Time Madness in association with Reliance Industries Limited.

In this episode, we focus on how to prepare for Interviews and specifically on Interview Questions. The structure of the interviews is such that at one time or the other you will face a typical question – ‘Describe yourself’. This is a perfect opportunity to showcase your abilities, achievements, elements of struggle, passion, stories to substantiate points mentioned in your CV, and specific insights or learnings. Watch the video below to know how to answer the most important and frequently asked questions in an interview.




  1. Avoid describing yourself as go-getter, energetic, team player, ambitious, determined, etc. Use this question to elaborate on your strengths and direct the interviewer to the parts of your life you want  them to focus on. Leave it on the interviewers to decide the adjectives suitable for you.
  2. The next set of questions deals with your CV and your knowledge base. Prepare answers regarding your CV very well. Have distinct insights/learnings and stories elaborating points mentioned in your CV.
  3. The questions related to your knowledge base refer to questions pertaining to your academic achievements and your majors. For instance, if you have done Economics in the past, you cannot falter while explaining ‘Diminishing Marginal Utility’ theory.
  4. Having said that, it’s not possible for anyone to know everything about a subject matter. So it’s perfectly okay if you don’t know something. Just admit it and move on.
  5. Another set of questions is ‘Tell me about a time when…’. View this question as an opportunity to highlight those areas of your life wherein you solved a big problem or you learnt something.
  6. Typically, an interviewer interviews 25-30 people a day. It’s imperative to make a lasting impression. Don’t ask questions that can be googled easily. Ask questions like – ‘How does a typical day of an employee in the company look like?’, ‘What are the implications of the recent government policy change on the business?’, ‘What are the expectations of the company from an intern?’, and so on.
  7. Even though it’s important to talk about yourself, also talk about things that you picked up in the pre-placement talk or something about the interviewer and ask questions pertaining to what interests them.

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