How To Prepare For The MBA Interview

With the MBA Entrance exam season coming to an end, many of you would be wondering what to do next. Getting a high percentile is only the battle won but the war isn’t over yet. And why not utilise this time, that you have while waiting for the result, to prepare for the next step. The Interview Round!

InsideIIM in association with SDA Bocconi Asia Center have come to help you in this stage of your preparation to get into a top business school. In this video, Prof Seema Khanvalkar, Professor of Business Communication at SDA Bocconi Asia Center gives you an in-depth guide on how to ace the personal interview round at any b-school.

Personal Interviews are a great way to craft your personal narrative and sell it to the panel. You get an opportunity to become your own salesman! But what do you need to do to ace the personal interview round? Here are some snippets from the video:

  1. Do a thorough analysis of yourself
  2. You must know your basic concepts
  3. Prepare an answer for ‘Tell me something about yourself’ – Talk about interesting aspects of your personality
  4. Why MBA? РSelf-analysis will help a great deal in answering this question
  5. Important thing is to be yourself and be natural but a little dash of enthusiasm wouldn’t hurt

Watch the video to know in detail what is it that you need to do to be an excellent salesman of yourself!

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