CAT 2018 – How To Prepare Smart And Bell The CAT

Hello Aspirants.

By now, you all must have started the CAT preparation with full dedication, because everyone dreams of getting into an IIM. But sometimes it happens that along with working hard, it is required to think smart so that one doesn’t get screwed on the CAT day. So here, I will give you some insight that surely happens on the CAT day along with (of course) the steps to tackle it. These are some situations which you may not be aware of:

There can be an argument that one can get the actual feeling of the exam by giving mocks. But there are still few things which one cannot experience while giving mocks (especially self-proctored mocks which we give at our homes). So it will very helpful if one analyzes these problems and works on them from now itself. Those who are reappearing for CAT might be aware of how the actual CAT test and mocks are different.

As the admit card for the exam will be out, you will come to know how much time it will take you to reach the Exam Center. To avoid rush, you will surely step out early. Also, the candidates are required to enter the exam hall earlier to the time at which exam starts. Now, you must be wondering what is the importance of knowing these things.

Here comes the difference between your mock test and real CAT test about which you must be aware. On the CAT day, you are already under more stress in comparison to mocks. Also, the exhaustion begins as you step out from the house to reach Exam Center on time. But normally for mocks, you don’t need to anywhere. In mocks, you are appearing in the test with your full potential but this doesn’t happen in the actual test. Also, the timing slots you got might not be favourable but there is no excuse and have to take the test at that time itself. These are a few situations which can affect your CAT score and you must be well prepared for it.

There goes a saying ‘All’s well that ends well’ (Anth bhala toh sab bhala). Here one can make the ending well by following a few strategies which will help you tackle these situations.

The best way is to take two mock tests successively without any break. Analyze and compare these mocks score to know your efficiency between full potential and after 3 hours of exhaustion. Try this method repeatedly till your percentile differs. Also, analyze some mocks in situations not convenient for you to give a test. This will help you know how the percentile is getting affected by different conditions. These strategies will help you overcome adverse situations on D-Day.

So just stay calm, believe in yourself and you will surely end this journey well.

All The Best!

sailesh jalan

Sailesh Jalan CAT 2018 Aspirant.