How To Select Your MBA Institute, The Alumni Perspective – Himanshu From IIM Udaipur

Hello Batch of 2016-2018!

As you embark on the journey of one of the most eventful 2 years of your life, you must be feeling jittery, confused and overwhelmed with choices, with one question looming in the mind 24×7 “Which B-School to join?”.

I know how it feels to be on this side. Every B-School student who has been through this journey can relate with you, but that being said, the biggest advice anyone can give you is “Listen to everyone, but do what you feel is right”.

As someone has very rightly said “The Choices you make, Makes you”,  hence make sure you do your own research about your choices, set your criteria, evaluate and then make the big decision.

As you enter the B-School life, Make sure you have given a thought about following things before you join any Institute:-

1) What do you want from your Institute? – Placements, academic excellence, exposure, quality and number of faculty per student, overall B-School life.

2) Values of the B-School – Whether the Institute is known for its transparency, what kind of values it upholds, they aren’t known for inflating numbers, and do they follow some standards of reporting for placements such as IPRS ( About IPRS )

3) Global Exposure- Whether the institute gives it students exposure on a global scale, and what kind of foreign universities/companies it partners with?

4) What kind of Campus life the institute offers- What kind of facilities are provided to students, like a permanent campus, libraries, e-resources etc.

5) Quality of faculty- Check the faculty page of website of each college, read about the background and credentials of the permanent, adjunct and visiting faculties of the institute, and make sure to check whether sufficient number and quality faculties are there in the college in streams you are interested in be it Marketing, Fin, Ops, IT or Consulting.

Obviously the list isn’t exhaustive, but make sure to check the things mentioned above before taking a call. It helped me a great deal while making the choice when I was faced with the same options, and I am content and satisfied with the time I invested in research, as it led to the outcomes which I had expected from my MBA.

A little research never hurts anybody and hence “Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light


My Journey at IIMU: –

At IIM Udaipur I was a part of MarClan- the Marketing Club of IIM Udaipur, and Media and Industry Interaction Cell (MiiC). As a part of these clubs I got various opportunities to pursue, such as being an official Co-License holder of TEDxIIMUdaipur, or being a vital part of conceptualizing Samvaah (The Annual Marketing Conclave of IIMU), & Solaris (Management festival of IIMU)

I got the opportunity to work on a live International project with the company Advanced System Consulting (Thailand) as a Consulting Intern, the live project was a part of International Business Practices course which gives students a chance to work in a live project in three different countries i.e. Thailand, Malaysia and UAE. During summers, I Interned with The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and got a chance to work among the best talent in industry. The journey has been nothing short of amazing, filled with so many incredible moments and experiences. I wish all of you get to experience your own wonderful journey with whichever B-School you choose and hope you create your memories which you will cherish for a lifetime. All the Best!!



About the Author: 

Himanshu Sachdeva is currently the Sr. Business Development Analyst at Cognizant Technology Solutions (Pre-Sales Group). He has 2+ years of prior experience. He has completed his MBA from IIM Udaipur and has interned at BCG, and has been an official license holder for TEDxIIMUdaipur, the maiden TEDx conference of IIMU. You can connect with him here: Himanshu Sachdeva


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Himanshu Sachdeva

Senior Business Development Analyst || IIM Alumnus