How To Write Your B-school Application – Tips From Mansie

Your approach to your B-school applications

1. Categorize and segregate the most important personal and professional experiences that you want to incorporate into the available essay prompts.

2. Be careful to not stuff your essays with ALL the information about yourself. This is hard to do, especially when the fear of leaving out something important looms large on your mind. While the supposed safest thing to do is to list all your awards, honors and experiences, it can prove disastrous.You’ll end up making an application akin to a “LIST” with no reflection of your strengths, aptitude and offerings as a potential MBA candidate. How then do you figure out what to use and what to leave out?

3. Your essays need to focus on the very traits that admissions committee members like to see in future MBA candidates. They need to show character, integrity, strengths and potential for management. You need to identify themes and experiences which focus on your strengths, achievements and clearly identify you as a future manager and contributing member of your target business school. Needs a whole lot of brainstorming, planning and focus!


About the Author

Mansie Dewan is the Founder and Master Coach at Mansie Dewan Consulting. She has been partnering with MBA aspirants since 2007 to realize their MBA dream. She is the Author of Best Selling Book: Destination MBA:Showing You How To Get There! Sold over 15000 copies