Humanity is lost somewhere between the borders..

A plane crashes near Ukraine border on 17th July 2014; all the 280 passengers and 18 crew members lose their lives. Hundreds of families destroyed, tens of innocent children who barely learnt to speak are dead within a fraction of a second. And moments later another news flashing on my TV screen, the Indian media brings to our attention that had the supposed attack been 5 minutes late, an Air India flight would have been crashed instead. And if the attack had happened an hour later, then India might have had lost their dearest Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, because both these flights were to follow the same route as the Malaysian flight. Till this point, I was following the media and their online columns. But suddenly I found something very intriguing in the comments section of these columns.

There were numerous comments from people (Indians of course), which read something like, “God is always with the good people, nothing will happen to Modi Ji”, “Thank God the incident didn’t happen to the Air India flight”, and many more reiterating the satisfaction and care of Indians towards their citizens. My first question to myself was, if God is always with the good people, then are we trying to say that all those innocent people who lost their lives, were bad? So to mention, there were more than 100 AIDS researchers on that flight who dedicated their lives to save million others from a deadly disease. When we thank God, for protecting the Indians on other flight, aren’t we selfish in admitting that whatsoever happens to other countrymen, let it not happen to India. My only dilemma was how to think differently about two human beings just because they belong to two different countries.



In numerous other similar accidents, in places like Gaza, Iraq and so on, how insensitive we become when it comes to people from different religion, different backgrounds, and different countries. We are at a point where human lives are no more than a number to us. 120 were killed in Pakistan, 80 killed in Iraq, 2 Indian students were killed in Australia. Wait, something buzzed in your mind, didn’t it? 2 Indians were killed, let’s start abhorring all the people of Australia for the same, keep cursing the fates of our students and provide our condolences to the families; which rightly deserve this gesture I suppose. But in the midst of being an Indian, I (we) somewhere forget to be a human, don’t we? Between the politics, economics, and statistics of the world, I (we) seem to have lost my (our) ethics. And it feels sad to admit, but the humanity is lost somewhere between the borders..

Ketan Bagga

Lead Coordinator, Public Relations Team, MBA IIT Kanpur