Humorously Yours, Zomato And Spirit Share

Mr. Philip Kotler, in one his lectures said: “You wanted their mind share, you wanted their heart share, but now, you also want a share of their spirit”.


How much do you know about the stand-up comics you watch on the Internet except their name? For slightly more curious, their city and background. But, how do you know the protagonist of the show Humorously Yours? Yes, the same guy who struggled to afford a full-time manager in episode 1 of the show, but somehow managed to sell tickets for his own show by the time season ended. You just don’t know him through Wikipedia, but you have travelled a whole journey with the character. Heck! You even know how he couldn’t differentiate between the various containers of ‘dal’ kept in his kitchen, how he procrastinates while writing for his shows, and how he ended up getting a girl way out of his league.


Amusingly, most of these things may not be even true. He may be a master cook at his home, he may be a highly disciplined individual and he may be way hotter than his wife. But, the show sold a character, and you bought it. Now, when you go to his shows, you not only book tickets to see a stand-up comedian, but you are also awaiting your favourite character from the show. Even if he makes a joke not up to his standards, you’ll laugh at it, not by force, but due to the affection, you have for this person.


This is what brands intend to do when they want a share of your spirit. They don’t want to limit themselves to just fit into your logic while evaluating other brands, or make funny jingles that stick in your head, but they want to be a part of your life’s journey. The joke is the product, the comedian is the brand and the show is the connection.


A few months ago, Zomato started a campaign on its social media handles with quirky pictures with the theme “There are 2 kinds of people”. The pictures got a huge appreciation for their creativity and Zomato got a lot of attention. Some days later, it also gathered some negative publicity when it tried to advertise itself on a porn website, claiming that since people feel hungry after doing it, they would like to order something online to eat. They finally decided to remove the ads due to heavy criticism. However, for people who actually witnessed it, it was an amusing experience. If you look here, through all of the activities, Zomato was not trying a send you a new message, but it was just stating that it’s there. A buddy with witty one-liners, or a partner in crime.


The difference between Humorously Yours and Zomato lies in the way they capture the spirit share. One does it by taking you on a journey of its conception, other does it by involving itself into your private moments.


With increasing penetration of social media usage, brand communication isn’t limited to just advertising channels, but it has also started encompassing the Public Relations handle of the companies. They don’t want you to remember them only if you are buying a new product, or you have a complaint, but they want to hang out with you all the time. And, with a majority of people spending their time looking at their mobile screens, what’s a better alternative than being a friend.

So, next time when you buy a product or use a service, do give it a thought that the decision was influenced by your mind, heart or spirit.