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It was 2 nd of July 2018 when the academic term for the batch of 2018-2020 started. IIM Trichy never sleeps and most students were busy doing some activity or other the previous night, yet on that morning I saw a class full of enthusiastic students. There wasn’t one sleepy face. Among them, I sat quietly with a big smile on my face. Like Aamir Khan said in ‘3 Idiots’ , that classroom was one place I always wanted to be in and when I finally was sitting there I couldn’t have a big smile on my face. I reached almost 10 mins early like most of my other peers. I was sitting there in awe of the state of the art classroom I would be studying for the next two years. Then the second it was 8: 30 the professor began the class. Even before he introduced himself or the course he said “You will never forget your first class”. By the end of the class, I was in complete agreement with this statement he made.

So, this first class was of Quantitative Management which was conducted by Professor Sivakumar S. He had given us a case to prepare for the class beforehand. The class was basically to understand why Quantitative Management was important for managers. Unlike what happened to me all my life before where we studied all and any subject taught to us, not knowing where we would use in it real life, the Professor clearly made us understand the importance of the course in the first class itself.

We knew where all we would use the knowledge and skills we would learn from the course in the real world even before the course actually began. This made all the students realise the importance of the course and everyone become really eager to learn. Apart from this, the Professor made it clear to the class that basic class 10 th mathematics was enough for the entire class to understand everything taught in the course by not just stating it as a statement by explaining the kind of skills required to understand the course. This really gave a lot of confidence to all the students in the class who didn’t have a mathematical background. Moreover what really amazed me was how the Professor made even such an informative class completely interactive. The way my peers participated also made me realise the kind of students I would be competing and learning with. They say you learn a lot from peer learning in a B-School and I knew that I perhaps was studying with the best minds in the country only from the way everyone was participating in the first class itself. It was a classroom experience I never had before.

That first class itself I was assured that I would have even more amazing sessions in the future. I sensed that there would be a lot more classroom experiences which would become memorable. But this first class will always be an experience I would never forget.


Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

The company I would want to work for out of the several companies in the Aditya Birla Group is Idea Cellular Limited. Idea Cellular is a pan-India integrated wireless broadband operator offering 2G, 3G and 4G services. It is one of the top three mobile operators in India. It is a company that has tried to change the perception about various uses of the internet in our country. Moreover being an electronics engineer I have always had a little interest in the Telecom industry. I would surely want to work at Idea Cellular, contribute there to the best of my abilities and grow each day with the company.

This article is written by Ramalaxmi V- Class of 2020

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