I entered the gates of the campus and my new life with a sense of pride,

Thanking Almighty for being so kind.


It is amazingly beautiful, huge, and full of geeks,

But I love the way the campus never sleeps.


From classes to hostel, hostel to mess we march,

With the starry dreams of making it large.


I always wondered how exciting hostel life would be,

But now I realize how monotonous messing with the mess food could be.


Some learn to earn, some yearn to learn,

For some it is all about having fun.


There is passion, emotion, will & desire,

So many storming brains put the lecture halls on fire.


Among the assignments, quizzes & other worries,

I am waiting for the initial impressions to evolve into memories.


Rarely used business suits are more worn than night suits,

Everyone wants that a good package fruits.


Normal distribution for grading seems to be paranormal distribution,

It is neither easy to get in nor to pass out of this institution.


This is something I always wanted to happen one day,

But never thought this would mean not chilling even on a Sunday.



Preetika Batra

A very witty and honest depiction of things!! You make us all proud. Kudos to you! 🙂