I Became Mentally Free The Day I Gave Up My MBA Dream


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Ravjot Sachdeva

I love your article Amrutha! I am somewhat in the same boat as you..multiple attempt at CAT have resulted in me settling for a less than desired college this year! But unlike you, I am not 100% sure what I want to do if not CAT. So, I am going for marketing from a Tier 2 college this year and see if it helps me land in a creative field. But felt great to come across your article!

2 May, 2017 |

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Amrutha Balachandran

Thank you so much Ravjot. I am so glad that you could relate to it. And I am sure sometimes you get the luck you deserve at some stage in your life at a later stage and that is completely okay. All the best Ravjot. I hope you get what your heart needs! :)

3 May, 2017 |

Ravjot Sachdeva

you too!n Thanks You!

5 May, 2017 |

Soumava Mukherjee

Brilliant! Its time we start living for ourselves and not for meeting the expectations of others...

3 May, 2017 |

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Amrutha Balachandran

Thanks man :) I completely agree with you.

3 May, 2017 |

Soham Bhowmik

I can relate to your article Amrutha.I am also somewhat similarly passionate towards movies and travelling and stuck in MBA preparation.I have still not been able to take the risk yet,always in the thoughts of parents and family.

3 May, 2017 |

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Amrutha Balachandran

Hey Soham, I am so glad you could relate. You should take up the Media and Entertainment course from MICA if movies interest you. It's quite good. Your Parents will be proud no matter what you choose, they just want you to be happy. And moreover, MBA doesn't guarantee anything in life. Abhi nahi toh kabhi nahi !! All the best Soham :)

3 May, 2017 |

anirudh dalvi

Such an amazing article. An engineer from BITS Goa pursuing a course in media and entertainment is a welcome relief. I love films and I seriously want to do something in that field but right now I have the whole 'gotta prepare for CAT again' cause I didn't take my last attempt seriously and haven't landed up in a good college either. If you could tell something about the course you're currently pursuing and how you made it to MICA, it'll be of great help. Thank you :)

4 May, 2017 |

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Amrutha Balachandran

Thank you so much, Anirudh. If you are really passionate about films, then Media and entertainment course is made for people like us. Currently, there are two courses in this field in India. One from MICA, which is an online course of 5 months and it is open for all and another one from SP Jain, which is open only for working professionals with more than 3 years work ex. MICA also has MBA which requires to you clear MICAT and then their GD / PI. The MBA program of theirs has more focus on Advertising and Marketing though than Media and Entertainment. All the best Anirudh. Let me know if you want to know anything else about the course. :)

5 May, 2017 |

Helly Shah

Hi Amrutha, I too decide to continue my career as a software engineer. It feels a relief to live life once again. I am so glad there are people out there who think similar :)

5 May, 2017 |

Rahul Kulkarni

Hi Amrutha, Thank you for the great read. I was a participant in JY 2015. I know how the Yatra feels, the enthusiasm, the energy and meeting individuals who are real life heroes. A year down the line, many in my batch have gone on to pursue either an MBA or a Management degree abroad. The "life set hai" phrase is cliched. But, if someone has an MBA dream, I do not see reason why they shouldn't pursue it. Many in my batch have taken up management education not in the hope of a corporate job but to learn. The learning that comes from an MBA can be applied to the field you're passionate about. At the same time, I'm really glad you've realised the path you'd like to pursue. Congratulations and all the best in you endeavor at MICA. Also, the YIF is a great course. We had a few Young India fellows in our batch. I'm hoping you get in there as well. -Rahul

5 May, 2017 |

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Amrutha Balachandran

Hey Rahul, Thank you so much for taking your time out and going through my article. Great to meet a Yatri here. I totally agree with what you wrote. There are definitely people who take up MBA with a mindset to learn. I personally do know a lot of them. But it's just that the society/friends etc give a lot of importance for the selection into an IIM than choosing any other less chosen path and the students hardly get an opportunity to look around for other options before they write CAT because they want to settle down fast. This can be seen from that fact that 2 lakhs people write CAT every year. During IIT days, we could at least blame the immaturity of the students at a young to think through. But while writing CAT, even though we have matured but the craze remains the same as IITs.

6 May, 2017 |

Chetna Chauhan

Loved your story dear. I will make my sister read this story as she is an engineering student, vulnerable to similar situations. Truely motivating.

20 May, 2017 |

Rushikesh Kavathekar

Like it!

26 Jun, 2017 |

Shivam Negi

Hi Amrutha! I completely resonate with you on this. I admire for how long you had worked on your dreams. Your dedication right from your high school to your undergrad is just amazing. I have been thinking about CAT lately and also I was on the same thought- "what is my true purpose in life?" I really liked what your father about not seeking validation from anyone. I am glad that someone on InsideIIM.com spoke something different, other than preparation or life at IIMs. Thank you for writing your wonderful thoughts.

14 Feb, 2019 |

We ThePeople

I cannot agree more on everytime I speak in an interview, I feel guilty of lying or exaggeration. It makes me cringe, but when I try to be blunt , nobody likes it.

15 Feb, 2019 |