“I believe PGDM is a continually updated program in comparison to an MBA, and now I am sure about it”, says Litty who is all set to start her journey with KPMG

“I had a dream. I wanted to work with KPMG and it has come true”, gushes Litty Philip who can’t contain her excitement at the moment. Litty gives the credit of her success to the academic training as well as the professional grooming provided by SCMS Cochin School of Business, “I not only knew my subject well, but was also prepared for the Group discussion and interview. SCMS had me completely equipped for the industry.”

Litty was surprised when she was offered the job. It was only when the interviewer asked her to call her parents to confirm whether she would sign the bond that she realised she had done it! She was ecstatic and her father supported her. However, she became confused when she became aware the location of her posting. It was her mentor who guided her through that time, “Not only was the package below my expectation but the place was also not Bangalore. I wasn’t sure I could stay in Cochin. But my mentor advised me to take up the job. She helped me take the right decision of choosing a great work place and learning opportunity. I am really thankful to her.”

Litty is going to join KPMG as an Audit Associate. She would be working with the Global Auditing team. The job is an achievement for Litty who shares that she actually started working seriously on her career only after tenth grade. She wasn’t sure which college to opt for and was advised by her senior to join SCMS Cochin School of Business. He was also instrumental in her choosing PGDM over MBA, “I was told that PGDM is a continually updated program in comparison to an MBA, so I opted for it.” She knew that if she worked hard she would get results at SCMS and that has come true for her, “SCMS has changed my way of thinking. I am more confident today and can hold my own in a professional situation.”

However, she smiles when she remembers the drastic changes that came to her with her admission to SCMS, “I was used to a relaxed world. SCMS was so professional and disciplined. I have learnt time management and truly value my mentor for her guidance throughout my stay here”. She says she is going to miss everything, including the discipline that seemed so tough initially!