I Dared to Do and so Did I…

Where we are we know not, where we shall be, we know not, what we do know is what we aren’t and that drives you to idealize what you could be. In a world of craze, rat race and pressure, I stood as another minnow, shadowed and stamped by giants that strode. Yet within the little being, lived a dream that knew not of pragmatism, I set to work to see my dream come true.

Brick by brick I built it all day, sweat by sweat I strew together pearls of toil, and beat by beat, my heart sang in its glory, shaping and moulding my dear in that way. I wished it to grow beyond, I hoped it to stand tall, I infused it strength even if it meant my befall. Shaken and trembling, I saw it grow; I grew meek and humble finding solace in the glory of my creation shining bright. Alas, but all was too rosy to be true.

Crumbling it fell to pieces before my eyes, which I gave birth to, with pain, love, passion and more. To shreds I was left, uncared for, in filth, ragged, stamped, scarred and admonished. All was lost, and there I lay, the nothing that I always was, only this time, the world had marked and written me off. But beneath the scar lay the wound; fresh and untouched, it rose to prove. I know not where I drew the courage, but I knew where I was set to. I dusted off the remains, like a phoenix from the ashes, agile and brisk for the next adventure. With the fall came down the vanity and convention, setting up to rewrite a new history.

It dawned upon me; I was different in myriad ways, not the sheep in the crowd in anyways. The fish that was born into the family of sea, now knew well, it belonged elsewhere. Not among the salt-inhabitants but in the fresh, pure and unexplored arctic. I embarked upon that journey that could well be my last. The giant stride forward is always the penultimate decision, for there is no coming back. The niche that I sought to spell and cast, may never come true for all I know, but here I leap, with no strings to pull back, free and far towards the horizon. The fear of another downfall shall never daunt me again, for I have been liberated from the cruel clutch of fright.

Mirror image in the bowl, was I so hitherto, not anymore as I dare to go ahead and forward, inhibited and a fish, all by my own.

I am Nivetha, a passionate individual whose zest for learning more keeps me going. I love to write, debate and orate. I love economics and wish to pursue it further. Currently, I am a 4th year student of the integrated program in management at IIM-Indore.

Nivetha Sridhar

I am a passionate individual whose zest for learning keeps me going. I love to write, debate and orate.