I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone

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I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone. The author is clearly under the influence and is also trying to convince others that his selection would have been a waste of time. So, I would like to speak against the idea of ‘getting rejected in a student committee is good’. I am not questioning the desire of the author but his efforts. I would like to quote a couple of things which are totally unacceptable:

1st,  The author said that while he was sad on being not selected in any of the committees he called up a senior, designated as his mentor and the guy said “Beta tu finance ka hai. Club/committee chhod. Padhai pe dhyan de. GPA bana”. Well you know what, if you take responsibility and blame yourself, you have the power to change things. But if you put responsibility on someone else, then you are giving them the power to decide your fate. Well, for me, I am not the kind of a guy who can let someone else drive his car.

2nd, “No Club committee” (someone who is not a part of any student committee) is the most powerful term in his college. Honestly speaking, I haven’t figured out how someone doing nothing can be powerful or maybe he misspelled powerless or maybe he wrote this at gunpoint.

So this goes out for all the people who think working in a student committee as a waste of time. Trriiiiinggg Trriiiiinggg. . .!! Wake up!! And think are you really serving the purpose of studying in a B-school?

Business schools are here to prepare you for the war out there and in this war you will need the arsenal of social interaction skills, your organizing and planning skills and most importantly your ability to take a stand. The studies, well I think they can get you a degree but not the skills mentioned above. Please don’t get me wrong here, I am not at all against the curriculum, it’s just that none of the books and teachers can ever teach you to handle an event or to organise a meeting. You need to have a hands-on experience and there is no better place to learn than to be in a part of a student committee/cell.  The constant interaction with the students, faculty and outside world (in some cases) will provide you an incredible exposure. The leadership quality, art of convincing people, finalizing deals, getting sponsorships of events, organising conferences, events and hundreds of meetings all of this can be learnt in a B-school itself. You just need to be a member of at least one of the student committee. And not just a member, an active member to be precise as I can see there are people who quit in the middle under the influence of those spreading negativity.


no excuses


The author might be in an ‘I will manage’ state of mind when it comes to the learning of managerial things. But learning ABCs while you are in the job, are you kidding me? As far as I am concerned, I don’t want to be someone filled with regret, for what I could have done.

The author of the article also claims that as an NCC (No Club Committee, a term coined by the author and his friends) I learnt a lot and made a lot of friends. Well I am not sure about the learning part but I can be pretty much sure that he would have made a lot of friends as there would be nothing for the NCC species to do after their lectures were over.

In the top 20 B-schools of India most of the colleges have at least a total of thirty student committee/council/cell and in some of them it s mandatory to be a part of any one of them at least. And why is that? It’s not only that you would be getting a bullet point in your resume it is the practicality, the knowledge, the skill, the confrontation which can never be taught or studied.

So, a question for all of you, you have got a gun and a bullet but can you really take a shot if there is no gunpowder? It’s just that I feel getting an admission in a B-school is not enough. Something to think over. Thank you all for reading/Listening.



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