I Never Thought I Could Pursue My Interests In The Bustling Campus Life Of Planet-I – Nikhil’s First Year At IIM Indore

I was boarding a bus to Goa on the night of April 30th 2015, when I received a seat confirmation for IIM Indore. The next three days were a roller coaster ride, and so was my first year as a PGP student.

My first term was about getting adjusted to the course structure, which I found to be hectic initially. The excitement of joining an IIM, and the enthusiasm to perform and make a mark did wear me off. I had to read lengthy cases before attending 75 minutes of long lectures. Then there were the pre-processes (for clubs and committees), assignments, quizzes and exams. The never ending list of activities on campus changed my sleeping cycle and gifted me frequent mid-lecture naps and swollen eyes. But, I eventually got used to the rigor. It made me come out of my comfort zone.

The emphasis given to classroom diversity by IIM Indore has remarkably benefited the students through enhanced peer learning opportunities. The inclusion of IPM participants has enhanced the learning experience and set us apart from the other IIMs. The class discussions and group activities, where we tackle business issues, always conclude with a host of different solutions. Working with students hailing from various educational and professional backgrounds exposed me to new ideas and perspectives.  Having worked in the IT industry for two years acted as an advantage for me, especially in understanding subjects such as organizational behavior, Strategy and operations management. I was appreciated for the viewpoints and solutions I shared with my peers during group activities, and I owe this to my work experience.

Events such as the Rural Immersion Program (RIP) and the Himalayan Outbound Program (HOP), which are incorporated as a part of our course, clearly validates IIM Indore’s mission to use contemporary participant-centric teaching models. RIP gave me valuable insights about the current rural environment of central India. We had to conduct a week-long open defecation survey at a hamlet faraway from a village called Harda in Madhya Pradesh. During the program I observed the problems faced in rural India due to lack of efficient infrastructure, connectivity, water supply and other basic amenities.  I also learned how the village Panchayats worked arduously to garner monetary assistance from the district authorities to maintain the village facilities. The schools though were functional, needed better sanitary systems.  RIP gave me an opportunity to assist the governments’ efforts in improving the conditions of rural India.  I am now eagerly waiting for the HOP to conquer the Himalayan ranges.

I never thought I could pursue my interests in the bustling campus life of Planet-I. The activity clubs and committees constantly toss fun competitions and events throughout the year. The college possesses well maintained hostel blocks, and other facilities like the sports complex (with an ‘Olympic size’ swimming pool), basketball court etc. Being a fitness enthusiast and a basketball player, I had the right opportunities to pursue my hobbies, and socialize with students with similar interests.

IIM Indore is a self-sufficient society by itself. I am calling it self-sufficient because the graduates here are always occupied in student run services and stores along with their studies.  The college has its own laundry service, retail store, food stall etc operated by students. The campus lights up in the evening teaming with people moving to the food stalls. The eateries will be crowded with friend circles chattering and munching on their favorite snacks. The college remains alive throughout the night. There is always someone awake.

My first year was a great time for me to interact with students coming from different parts of the country and make new friends.  All the major festivals are celebrated inside the campus and DJ nights are arranged for special occasions. IRIS – IIM Indore’s annual festival is a wonderful time for students to take a respite from their academics. Being an amateur DJ myself, I had a thrilling experience performing at the IRIS-2015 DJ night.

The campus is packed with greenery which when soaked in rain during the rainy season is a delight to experience. Having never lived in a hostel before, I understood the importance of being independent. I learned from my mistakes and also the things that I did right. I made a close set of friends in my first year, who have been very supportive and inspiring. I am constantly learning from them as well.

My summer internship was in a travel start-up. I was able to apply the concepts which I learned over a year to solve my firm’s issues. I also learned where my interests lie after my internship, and I now have a clear picture about what I aspire to work on in the near future. This course has taught me the significance of adapting to changes and time management. It has helped me gain a new perspective towards business operations.

So, this is the snapshot of my first year at Planet-I, and it was worth every bit of it!




About the Author:

Nikhil TM is a second year student of IIM Indore. He is also the member of campus radio team, IIM Indore and captain of the college Basketball team. He enjoys traveling and writing.

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