‘I Used The 70:20:10 Model To Provide Interventions’ – Abhishek Tiwari’s Internship Experience At Siemens – XLRI 

“Don’t study to earn, study to learn. What you learn today, is what you become tomorrow”

It was time of February, I was going through my third term in XLRI. I received a call in between the class. My true caller showed: it was a call from Mumbai and for the entire duration of class I was thinking, who could it be?

After the class, I called back and I was amazed, when I came to know that the call is from Siemens HR department. There was still one and half month left for my internship. Then the lady on the phone greeted me and asked me, what kind of project you would prefer to do during Summer Internship. She also asked me about my location preference. This is the first time, I realized the importance Siemens gives to its interns.

I had subsequent discussions with the company and on 1st march itself, they told me that there is the one crucial project that we would like you to do. The project was on “Assessment and Analysis of Competency development program for key functions in MO”. I had no idea about the topic, what to do? This subject is basically being taught in the 2nd year in XLRI. Then I spent entire month learning about the subject.

The first thing I learned is what is Competency and why do we Do the Assessment?

 I selected the Siemens Gurgaon location for my internship. But I came to know that, for one week, we need to attend Swagat Session in Mumbai HQ. This was one of the best parts of my internship. It was basically a session tailor-made for summer interns. We had meetings with all leadership team members in HR. I got an overview of different HR functions and how things are actually carried out in MNCs.

One week passed very soon and then I flew to Gurgaon. On the very first day, I had a session with my mentor regarding scope of my project. He told me that they hired one consultant to do the work, but she left in between. So now you need to complete the work and put the final nail in the coffin. My first week was passed in understanding the scope. I had to align my work with latest work done in Siemens global HQ in Germany. I went through various frameworks which were used in making the Competency Matrix.

My project scope was to work with three critical Job Families. I started by validating the past work of the consultant. I found some issues in that. So I initially focused to rectify those issues and then move forward. I resolved those issues after a discussion with my mentor and finally the competency frameworks for different Job families were ready.  Now these frameworks are used in identifying the exiting actual competency level of different employees.

These frameworks are very crucial for the company. Few benefits of framework is as follows:

-Identify the skill gap in critical functions and enable the business to be future ready

-Skill Gap analysis at Individual and Group/BUs level

-Improve clarity on Job expectations

-Structured Individual Development Plan for employees.

-Competency Framework can also be used for recruitment

I had to analyze the competency levels of more than 100 employees and for that I had to schedule interviews with various senior management employees. I had number of meetings with them and finally I got the required data.

Now the last and most crucial part was analyzing the data and getting sense out of it. My prior experience in Mu Sigma helped me a lot in this part. I used 70:20:10 model to provide interventions. As per this model 70% learning happens experiential i.e. job based, 20% learning is relationship based and 10% learning happens in classroom courses (formal training). I suggested possible interventions on group basis for all job positions and individual basis for all (>100) employees.

My mentor was very happy with my work in the end. He told me that this work was pending with us for a long time and we didn’t know for sure how to put the final nail in the coffin. He told me that You did a very good job and we are offering you PPI as a token of appreciation for your hard work.

Abhishek Tiwari

Student at XLRI Jamshedpur