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2014-15 was a terrific year for InsideIIM.com in terms of revenue and traffic growth. However, we find ourselves at juncture where we don’t know if we are still listening to our users intently. It is an opportune time to take a step back and ask you what you don’t like about us. Are we helping you in your career? Have we stopped doing something you really liked earlier? Is there something missing? It’s time to know the truth about us.

You would be happy to know that on an average over 100,000 of you use us each month. There are now over 2000 Stories on our platform which you can use. Hundreds of you have got interview calls for jobs through our Jobs platform. Your participation has helped us grow and we want to ensure that all our efforts are in a direction that best helps solve your problems. We have great things lined up this year and we want to ensure that we roll them out keeping you in mind. If there is anything that you are unhappy with, please let me know. I will personally go through each and every response. I cannot promise to address everything because claiming that would be being dishonest on my part. But, we will work hard to make your experience better. If you want to reach me personally, please write to me on Twitter

We are a small company. One advantage that a small company has is that it is close to its users. We don’t want to squander that advantage and turn into something you have no use for. Please spend 2 mins of your time filling the queries below. We are grateful to you.




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Ankit Doshi

Creator of InsideIIM.com