Ideas Beyond Imagination – TedxSIBMBengaluru

What happens when you put a social entrepreneur, a humanitarian, a musician, a retired army officer, a Jal Tarang player, a television personality, a professional Squash player, a techie and the world’s most followed Quora writer together? – It is simply Beyond Imagination.

This is what happened at the 6th edition of TEDxSIBMBengaluru that was hosted on 18th February, 2017 at Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Bengaluru Campus. With the theme this year being Beyond Imagination, TEDxSIBMBengaluru’s raison d’etre was to enkindle a sentiment that there is no limit to the creative ideas that can be generated.

11 stalwart speakers with illustrious careers gathered this year at SIBM Bengaluru to inspire the audience and students alike with their musings and cognitions.

What better way to start a TEDx talk than with an individual with a vision for the future – Mr. Samit Choksi, Cofounder of Thinkphi, a clean technology company. Mr. Choksi’s discourse was centred on his innovation – The Ulta Chaata, and the way discovery and continuous innovation can lead us to create a better society.

The second speaker of the day was Major General Gagandeep Bakshi who instilled patriotism in each person through fascinating stories during his stint in the Indian Army. As a leader of several life challenging missions, Major General G.D. Bakshi spoke about the importance of ‘Management by Objectives’.

‘Believe, Fight and Enjoy’ was the message that Mr. Saurav Ghosal emphasised on and spoke at élan about his journey to success. A professional Squash player, Mr. Ghosal iterated on the importance of perseverance, dreams and hard work to seize the moment and make each day count.

Mr. Sameer Dhanrajani, Business Leader at Cognizant focussed on ‘Analytics’, the technology of the day. He quoted, “Data is the new oil and ‘Digital’ is the new currency”.

TEDxSIBMBengaluru 2017 not only focussed on talks, but also provided a platform where the audience heard the spellbinding music of the rare Indian instrument, the Jal Tarang. Pandit Milind Tulankar mesmerised the audience with his mellifluous music which drove his statement, ‘Music is the best therapy for the soul.’

“I want to fulfil the dream of Mahatma Gandhi to remove untouchability in India”, said Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak during his discourse at TEDxSIBMBengaluru 2017. His beautiful message for the audience, among many others was, ‘If one person helps the other, the world will be a happier place.’

A touching quote can change mindsets in a matter of seconds or put you deep in thought. This is exactly how Mr. Deepak Solanki started off, “We began our journey not knowing where to stay, but with a confidence we began”. He aims to improve connectivity of the internet and data transfer and revolutionise the entire way of how we see the ‘Internet of Things’.

Mr. Balaji Viswanathan, with more than 2,70,000 followers & a million credits is the most followed author/profile on Quora, worldwide. His articles have been published in Forbes, The Huffington Post, Fortune and many more. He questioned “As time progressed, AI has made its presence felt even more. Who is going to be responsible for laws impacting robots and automatic beings?”

Ms. Sunaina Pamudurthy, a Social Activist, was a part of the Team NanoMADs, the first Indian Team to complete 18,200 Km Mongol Rally, spanning across 13 countries from London to Mongolia and 48 days on the road, in an all Indian car Tata Nano Twist. Her inspiring quote, “Fear is not the first emotion that hits me, it’s surely confidence” seemed to have raised the audience’s spirit of self-confidence.

Mr. Prakash Belawadi, a theatre, film, television and media personality enlightened the audience about the emergence of Interactive Cinema. He added that ‘Interactive Cinema’ will become the defining art of the 21st century where viewers would even get to choose the ending they like! He ended on an intriguing note – “What if the movie is watching you?”

Mr. Ehsaan Noorani, part of the iconic music trio of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, went on to brief the enchanted audience about the making of the ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ soundtrack over a three day trip with Farhan Akhtar. He added that he really connected with the theme ‘Beyond Imagination’ and described his childhood experiences and his love for music.

The organising team left no stone unturned to create the most magical artistry of sorts. The TEDx Signature board did not come by easy as it took 2700 paper cups, 50 bottles of paint, and 20 days of hard work, which poured in with just one idea, and the result – A masterpiece was made.

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