An Idiosyncratic IIM At Tiruchirappalli

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) at Tiruchirappalli being the eleventh IIM setup by the Government of India is idiosyncratic in its own ways.

IIM Trichy is the only IIM to have its permanent campus established first, amongst all the second generation IIMs. The “State of the Art” Campus is a tribute to beauty adding to the culture of the clean Trichy city and the state Tamil Nadu. Trichy has the history of producing many eminent personalities and noble laureates and IIM Trichy is functioning so as to add on to the count. Exquisite world-class infrastructure and facilities provided by IIM Trichy is unprecedented. The unmatched pedagogical approaches followed at IIM Trichy gives a holistic development to a student aiding his/her metamorphosis

There is a “Celebration of Learning” as rightly depicted by its logo. I would like to share a personal incident which depicts the uniqueness of celebration learning at IIM Trichy. There were orientation sessions scheduled just after joining the institute. As part of the orientation, we were asked to do rappelling which was a surprise. Initially, we were feared for the given exercise. But sooner we realised how important the task was and not a mere exercise. It sooner reflected a change in our thoughts and perception, built confidence and motivated us. It was IIM Trichy’s unique way of bringing in a holistic change.

IIM Trichy is peculiar to have a prominent gender diversity of 1:1 ratio in its batch of 2018. The Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappalli has become the first IIM to be granted the Institute University Recognition Programme by the CFA. Such is the uniqueness of IIM Trichy.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

The Aditya Birla group has a number of business divisions. Among the business units I would prefer to have employment in Hindalco. Hindalco Industries Ltd (HIL) the metals flagship company of the Aditya Birla Group. They are the largest aluminium ruling company. Besides aluminium, Hindalco also manufactures the highest range of copper and allied products. Since it is a manufacturing business and pioneer in the field with professional management they are able to have a maximum profit amounting to 6083 crs which is the tripled profit of the previous year. It also fulfills its corporate social responsibility. By virtue of various products marketed by Hindalco which in turn possesses goodwill in the market, it was able to position within the list of fortune companies. I would like to take up specialisation in operations in my Post graduation programme in management and contribute to the growth Hindalco products. As their products are well received and able to sustain their business since 1958 I would prefer to have employment in this business unit and make a contribution to further expand its wings and push its rankings upward.


This article is written by Shanmuga Priya A – Class of 2020

IIM Trichy Placement Team

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