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Situated in the city of rock fort, this prestigious institution has thrived at a laudable pace. With expanse of 175 acres, the institute possesses state-of-the-art infrastructure with dedicated facilities  allocated for academics, residential and recreational requirements. The campus is meticulously designed to promote and accelerate holistic development of the students. It fosters an environment of team spirit, alliance and cooperation.

The institute believes in diversity and ensures that interaction of students from different cultures, backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, gender and experience leads to development of a broad perspective and wider outlook towards life. It enhances one’s problem solving skills and improves approach to difficult scenarios significantly.

IIM Trichy swears by its motto “Knowledge is endless” and leaves no stone unturned to acquire it at its best. The institute offers courses by erudite faculty to enable good grasp of concepts and their application. Rigorous training grooms and prepares students to manage pressure in industry. However, the focus is not just on academics but also on development from the perspective of industry. Regular guest lectures are systematically and methodically planned and conducted to facilitate learning in such a way that the students are developed to become ready-made fit for the industry. Core values such as integrity, driving positive changes and developing alternative thinking skills are stressed upon in order to sculpt the future leaders.

As a matter of fact, there is so much to learn from and explore in the city of Tiruchirappalli as well that it makes the institute’s location a blessing for its students. The city is well connected by roads, railways and air. Its close proximity to the Capital city, Chennai and to the Silicon valley of India, Bengaluru opens great avenues of learning for its students.

In fact, Tiruchirappalli, located on the banks of River Kaveri, was once the citadel of Chola rulers. The city showcases a fine blend of tradition, heritage and modern environment.

The city has some of the oldest temples, churches and other religious institutions which make the land spiritual with the sense of love, collaboration and harmony in the air. The city also has one of the marvellous structures, Kallanai Dam , which is the fourth older water rerouting system in the world which is still in existence.

Indeed, Tiruchirappalli turns out to be a great source of inculcating creative understanding that in turn promotes the art of alternative thinking. This makes the IIM in it even more unique.

Which ABG company would you want to work for and why?

If given an opportunity, I would take the golden privilege to work for Aditya Birla Fashion and retail limited. The major products that fall in the purview of this company are Ready-to-Wear Western and Ethnic Apparel for Men, Women & Kids, Footwear and Accessories. My passion in clothing and accessories and an experience in marketing are the two major reasons why I strongly believe that I will be able to create value in the company. Also, my understanding of designs and latest trends make me suitable for this role.

This article is written by Pratima Kapoor – Class of 2020

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