IIFT – Confluence Of Emotions And Aspirations Happen Here

Having lived at home since I came to this world, moving out of home for the first time was difficult, I did get emotional when the time to leave finally came. The new chapter of life was going to start, a journey to IIFT, a dream I had held for quite some time, so finally, I left on 23rd June beginning my journey in a completely different world.

So C9 happened the next day, an organ of IIFT a few hundred metres away from the mothership. The top floor of C9, the last room of the hostel was going to be my home for the next one year. I call the top floor of C9 the ‘Hell floor’, because it is the hottest floor, literally! The first day of college came, the first half of the day went by smoothly, after lunch god had some other plans for us, not a sneak peek in the tough life of MBA college but a complete overview of it waited for us, called PDP, aka, Personality Development Program. A few hours into it and I started getting feeling like I was part of an Army Training Camp.

The assignments started, running around here and there, assignments kept pouring in till late night. It was a tough week, doing assignments with dozens of different people every day, different group dynamics every time, also as we were part of the special tribe of C9ers life  was extra tough for us, the late night hurried walks to and fro from the campus to C9,  all of this -tested us to the fullest. From getting 7-8 hours of sleep over the whole week to the friendships I made, it was an experience of lifetime which I wont ever forget. In that one week I made C9 my second home and my hostel mates my brothers. As the weekend came nearer people started talking about PDP ending soon, and the moment finally arrived on Saturday, the circumstances under which it happened, emotions were running high and suddenly our tired bodies were filled with oodles of energy and all that we were chanting was GoIIFTGo for straight over 15 mins, it was the most exhilarating experience of my life for sure and I loved the experience of the first week!


ABG Company:

Aditya Birla Capital Limited is such a varied enterprise, serving so many verticals in the financial services space. The role of equity management interests me as I have managed my personal portfolio for a while and also handled my family’s portfolio. During my under graduation I have also designed a event based on stock market and that helped me understand the markets better. The commodities trading role also interests as it will expose me to International trade dynamics and the curriculum also deals with it.

IIFT Placement Commitee