IIFT Delhi: Gave Me Wings To Fly High

July 25, 2018 was the fateful day when my journey as an MBA student specializing in International Business at Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, Delhi began. It was an ineffable experience of becoming a student again at such a reputed institute long time after my engineering days got over a couple of years back. The zeal and enthusiasm to revisit college days overwhelmed me with tears of joy. It is my first experience to live in a college hostel which brought out mixed emotions of excitement and anxiety of staying away from home for first time in my life.

My tension was allayed by the ever-helpful seniors who made me feel at home right from day one of joining so as to smoothen the transition to a life of MBA filled with energy and enlightenment. They arranged knowledge transfer sessions for us and gave us insights into various sectors of industry. We were introduced to many a senior club and cell coordinator to help us gain knowledge about their respective activities and learning sessions. Those sessions gave me an opportunity to participate in their quizzes and various skits that were organized and helped me overcome the stage fright. Seniors, with their wit and charm, helped me understand the rigors of an MBA life and the fruits it bears so as to help me acclimatise accordingly.

The sports activities ranging from cricket (my favourite) to table tennis (one of my favourites) to basketball to throwball were organized on the premises and helped me unwind amidst the hectic schedule of classes. They treated us juniors to a party at a posh location in South Delhi to give us a befitting welcome. It gave me an opportunity to open up to seniors and share my experiences with them. The students were assigned buddies (seniors) with whom we could interact at any point in time on college premises to get our doubts cleared if any. I got to hear their share of stories and lively experiences from their one-year stint as MBA students.

The incoming batch has had the fortune of attending guest lectures by various industry leaders and experts across the spectrum of sectors and domains in the first two weeks of college life. These lectures gave me a chance to don formal suits making me look more professional and mature than ever before. The quintessence of MBA life lies in enjoying every moment that goes behind the scenes of toil and sweat. The journey has just started but the exposure to top class faculty and top-notch infrastructure has made my life easy and cool even in this sweltering heat of Delhi summers.

Inveterate to eating from outside, the mess food is a pleasant surprise even when I am wanting for more. Sharing room with two Mumbaikars has been a rich experience for me for we share our mutual admiration for Sachin Tendulkar and Mumbai Indians. Learning Marathi by the time my MBA ends is right on top of my bucket list. Just when I thought that studies have taken precedence over fun at IIFT, the seniors arranged for us a Freshers’ party filled with live performances from juniors and seniors alike. The dance stage was set on fire by both junior and senior batch students and celebrations continued till wee hours. Everyone revelled and bonded in the fun. The memories made in the first couple of weeks will remain etched in my heart forever.


ABG Company:

I wish to work for Aditya Birla Capital Limited since it would give me an opportunity to expand my horizons after having worked in the field of Incentive Compensation for a US based top 20 pharmaceutical client as a data analyst and later associate at my previous organization. The asset management and corporate finance wings of Aditya Birla Capital would help elevate my career trajectory as I go about learning in depth about finance and its nuances so as to imbibe the teachings from classroom sessions (particularly Financial Accounting) at IIFT in real world experiences to contribute to Aditya Birla Group of Companies’ growth and success with utmost sincerity and honesty.

IIFT Placement Commitee

- IIFT Placement Committee