‘IIFT generally does not disclose overall cut offs but it is 45-50 marks out of 100’ – Hemang Panchmatia – CAT Expert on IIFT 2014

Only 3 days to IIFT and 2 days to CAT Day 2, we are doing a series of LIVE Chats this week. This is the first one in the series. Next in line is a LIVE Chat with IIFT Student Ishaan Arora at 10 PM Today – Topic of the chat – IIFT Exam

Read on to know what Hemang Sir had to say about IIFT 2014.


Anirban Dasgupta What is the expected pattern for IIFT this year. Is it necessary to clear cut off in each part or clearing sectional cutoff is sufficient. What is a good time distribution strategy for iift. My strong suits are verbal , RC and LR. Can we expect a pattern similar to last year?

Hemang Panchmatia We expect IIFT to stick to 120-120-130 questions across 4 sections. Time distribution should be 10 mins for GK. Rest can be more or less equally divided across the 3 sections.

Anirban Dasgupta what may we expect in terms of difficulty?

Hemang Panchmatia IIFT is very similar to NMAT in terms of overall difficulty. DI is calculation intensive


Arun Kumar What will be the cut off score for IIFT generally?

Hemang Panchmatia  A. GK : 15% of marks allotted

B. Quant, Logic + DI ,Verbal : 1/3rd of marks allotted. IIFT generally does not disclose overall cut offs but it is 45-50 marks out of 100

Arun Kumar  Given a chance to rank IIFT, where would you place it against the likes of IIM’s?

Hemang Panchmatia IIFT would rank below the top 6 IIMs and above the new IIMs. I would put IIFT in the top 12-15 of the country

Arun Kumar  given the fact that the test is going to be for 120 min with 120 questions not to mention the negative marking, accuracy might take a back seat. Any suggestion on how to deal with it?

Hemang Panchmatia Attempt around 70 questions with 80% accuracy

Arun Kumar Any views on which is the strong domain in IIFT (Marketing/Operations..etc)?

Hemang Panchmatia   IIFT has a different program structure. Please do have a look at their curriculum to avoid surprises later

Arun Kumar Sure, thank you! asked it because I was inclined to marketing and wanted to know if its a better place for marketing domain.


Heisenberg  Hi Sir, What all should be read to attempt around 10 qs in GK??

Hemang Panchmatia – GK areas :Most common topics : Indian States : Location, capitals, Chief Ministers. Indian Geography : Rivers , Highways, Ports, National Parks etc Books – Authors – Awards Countries – Currency – Capitals Companies – Headquarters – Slogan – Celebrity Endorsements – Name of CEO ( esp. Women CEOs) Award Winners – Padma Bhushan, Bharat Ratna, Nobel Prizes. ( focus on Indian winners+


Ramesh  Sir, If my Verbal Section goes good.. Can I skip RC altogether and concentrate on Quants/DI.. The RCs are normally too long to be worth attempting…

Hemang Panchmatia  skipping all RCs is not advisable as you miss the combined cut offs. Try spending around 10 mins on RCs

Ramesh  Is it true that they put wrong questions/answers in the paper for “chaos” element?

Hemang Panchmatia  I don’t think so. It may create a lot of chaos for the institute later 🙂

Ramesh  haha thanks! had read some article on it and thought the same..


Sravan  Sir, what is ideal time to spend on RC’s for an average person ?

Hemang Panchmatia 15 mins to answer 10 odd RC questions. RCs are long. So read questions first and skim passage to gather relevant data


Kapadia  Sir, Any source for last minute skimming of GK?

Hemang Panchmatia  Arihant has excellent GK book available @ Rs 25-30 for GK


Praharsha Maram  Is tapmi better than iift?

Hemang Panchmatia  IIFT is ranked higher

Praharsha Maram  What kind of questions are asked in VA other than RC’s?

Hemang Panchmatia  RC is a separate subsection. Verbal Ability has Vocab, Grammar, Analogy questions. Sometimes they ask Spellings and Figures of Speech too


Chetan Chopra Sir what should be the order of attempting the paper

Hemang Panchmatia Start with GK. Spend 10 mins there. Spend 30 mins each on the other 3 sections


Ujjwal Teotia How much time should be allocated to quant?

Hemang Panchmatia Around 30-35 mins for Quant to have around 18 attempts

Ujjwal Teotia  how many di sets should be attempted for a good score?

Hemang Panchmatia 8-10 DI questions. Avoid calculation intensive sets


Raunak Chopra 15-17 ques each section enough for a good score ?

Hemang Panchmatia  15-17 enough for Quant. Logic + DI may require around 22. Verbal around 22


Akash Ramkumar   What can we study in the last few days? The pattern would be the same as last years?

Hemang Panchmatia  Solve actual IIFT papers ( last 3 years). Focus on GK. Most candidates fail to clear GK cut off

Akash Ramkumar  Are the GK scores considered only if there is a clash of scores among different candidates or it is considered from the initial stage? and the cut off is likely to be?

Hemang Panchmatia  GK is considered at the initial stage itself. No call if GK cut off is not cleared

Akash Ramkumar  You said 15% of the marks alloted is for GK. wasn’t clear. sorry

Hemang Panchmatia  I said cut off is at 15% of marks allotted. E.g : Last year cut was 1.75 out of 14 marks allotted to GK

Akash Ramkumar   do we know the marks allotted for GK after the exam or after results?

Hemang Panchmatia  Section wise details ( Marks, Number of Questions, Total Marks) is mentioned before the game. You need to plan your attempt accordingly


Raunak Chopra how many questions can we expect in each section …

Hemang Panchmatia  the number of questions per section may differ year to year. Last 2 years, GK had 28,Quant 25, Logic + DI : 39, Verbal 36


Shishir Agarwal My CAT is on 22nd then IIFT exam… How to prepare? How to keep my cool?

Hemang Panchmatia   Gist : Do GK . Solve 2 Mocks


Achyut Is there a seperate cutoff for each of logic and DI?

Hemang Panchmatia  No separate cutoffs for Logic & DI if they are clubbed in the same section


Shashi Sir – how is quant and verbal of IIFT different from CAT

Hemang Panchmatia  Quant is simpler ( equal to CAT 14).Verbal is simpler. IIFT is similar to NMAT- in terms of pattern, format, difficulty level and strategy.


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