IIFT – The Journey To Glory

Welcome to IIFT – read the e-mail which confirmed my admission to one of the premier B-schools of the country. Happiness coupled with nervousness had taken over, because it was a dream come true and little did I know about the challenges that a top notch institute like IIFT offers.

Two weeks into the course and I know why is IIFT in the list of top colleges for post-graduation in management. The academic rigor an IIFTian goes through beats what all other colleges pose. The bond that we create is impregnable, the care we share is unconditional, the trust we nurture is unassailable and the unity we display is unfathomable.

Management is ingrained in every nook and corner of IIFT. The campus may not have the state-of-art facilities, but that does not stand in the way of excellence that IIFTians achieve time and again. The campus may not host lavish grounds or boast of its sheer size but the positivity that flows throughout the campus obviates any infinitesimal hiccups regarding the same.

Help will always be given at IIFT to those who need it! You don’t even have to voice your concerns to get them resolved. Lucid and commonsensical solutions to the most enigmatic problems speak volumes about the brilliance and resourcefulness of people in the IIFT family. The perfect example to quote would be of the sports culture practiced at IIFT. The small parking lot doubles up as Volleyball court, Badminton court, Futsal court, Throw ball court and Cricket pitch without the tiniest blemish of discord.

IIFT never sleeps! Thanks to the Nescafé kiosk, which has witnessed all the discussions that one could think of and held host to the vagaries that even time or thought couldn’t define. The late-night assignments, the early morning classes, the strict deadlines to be met and the challenge to manage multiple things at once, all add flavor to the rigor of a student’s life at IIFT, keeping us engaged the entire while.

The time you enjoy wasting, is not a wasted time! Every story that unfolds on campus will remain a hollow narrative if we leave out the quintessence of IIFT, the friends we made here. They starkly differ from the ones who came before and the time we spend along, howsoever little that might be, we make the most of it. Work hard, Play harder syndrome runs in the IIFT family, and all those who have traversed these great halls have picked it up along the way.

Having said everything, I still believe –

“There is no combination of 26 letters that can define the life at IIFT.”


The ABG Company I aspire to be a part of – 

Aditya Birla Capital Limited, the financial arm of the behemoth Aditya Birla Group will certainly be the front-runner for me as it will provide a sterling job opportunity  encapsulating   challenges, responsibilities and a chance to enter the big game.
Association with one of the largest financial services providers in India, would not only be a source of immense learning but also an opportunity to work with the illustrious industry magnates. It will cement my career’s foundation stone in the field of finance and provide the coveted kick-start every b-school graduate dreams of!

IIFT Placement Commitee