IIFT – New Challenges

One of the reasons for me to join an MBA was to build the network and have 2 years of fun learning experiences. Though the activities involved in a b-school seemed challenging to me, I love challenging myself. Getting a chance to do things which we haven’t done before, brings the best of creativity from inside us.

Entering IIFT- My dream college, I had too many expectations but never expected this much stamina and perseverance from myself. Sleepless nights, and then again performing all the activities the next day with full enthusiasm, Yoga sessions, prep sessions, full night assignments and what not. It is always a fun to work in team late night for strangest of the assignments and task, everybody is like Let’s do this, let’s do that and somebody be like, just do anything and let’s sleep. Everyone giving crazy ideas to be implemented from their sleep-deprived minds.

The task to break the ice between senior batch and juniors is the most enjoyed group activity until now. Named ‘Campus Safari’, the task demanded us to think and build on an idea and pitch it to seniors to convince them to buy out idea. The maximum sold idea will be the winner. A team of 8, were given just 4 hours for Idea, TVC, Business Model, posters etc. Getting on with an idea was the most difficult part. For the initial hours, the team was just struggling to get on a fancy idea. Some scrap ideas were thrown up in stress, like a projector ring that projects news on your palm, sleep sensors for important notifications, but we finally came up with an idea.

As been told by our seniors that our suit will be our second skin, we thought of designing a next century suit and named it Allter Ego.

“All” what you will need from a suit ever

“Allter” for the customize your own suit option

“Allter Ego” as it will be our second skin.

It was all random, everyone was building on a word one after other, and logic was imposed on it afterward. We thought to present a suit that allows you to stay cool, is odourless, stain-proof, waterproof along with the resistance to wrinkles making it wear comfortably in any situation.

Then came the time for us to pitch out the idea to seniors. Being given just 2 hours, teams divided themselves into pairs of two and everyone was seen running here and there after seniors, waiting for them to listen to our ideas. We started by asking “have you ever faced any problems wearing your suits the whole day?” and got the obvious answers and thus half of our work was done.

It was really fun to work with the team members and to convince people on some random idea.


ABG Company:

Fashion and lifestyle industry has always been evolving and requires innovation consistently for the ever-increasing demand in retail sector. Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, a division of Aditya Birla Nuvo Ltd, is one of India’s fastest growing branded apparel companies and a premium lifestyle player in the retail sector. I have always been interested in Marketing and also Lifestyle, Madura offers the both. I hold values received from home and school very dear to me and they match with the values at Madhura. Also, the freedom we get there to go on with our own ideas is something which fascinates me a lot. Having freedom for ideas and their implementation under best mentors will add a lot to my learnings and in turn will help the organisation in its mission with more and more innovative ideas.

IIFT Placement Commitee

- IIFT Placement Committee