IIFT Is The NRI Family Among B-Schools

Before your mind starts thinking about fashion technology, let me introduce you to the 55-year-old legacy of my B school. IIFT is the NRI family among the B schools. They have an international presence and give the students exposure to international business in all its domains.

Let me start with introducing the head of the family, the big boss to you. I do not mean to say we put the students in a campus and monitor every personal move while showering them with illogical meaningless tasks. Rather I was talking about the auditorium, who sees it all. Starting from the orientation sessions of all the graduating batches to the excruciating experience of corporate competitions and placements. It has a son and a daughter. The son being Academic block is always hustle bustle with students running in their immaculate formals. Meanwhile, the daughter being the Admin block is always caught up with corporate meetings and summits with industry stalwarts. The next generation comprising of Old hostel, C9, New hostel. All of them are full of life and warmth. They share the happy moments and celebrations. At the same time, they are with each other in their low points. The family has a soft corner for social service and charity. The relation all of them share is of the sense of belonging that they feel for being a part of the same family. Let me go ahead to explain their humble abode.

Let us start by the beautiful façade, the Top of the world. If you are wondering whether the students dragged the Himalayas into the campus, let me clarify that. It is a calm and comfortable place surrounded by greenery where the students interact and form bonds for life. Hence feeling as if on the top of the world. Surrounded by the tranquil greenery of Sanjay Van, the campus is a host to exotic and beautiful birds. The master kitchen, hostel mess, serves the best food available in the surroundings and has supporting chef outlets like Lakshman Dhaba, Bun maska stall, Pappu and what not.

Briefly, the family believes in the concept of “work hard, party harder”. It pushes itself beyond limits and also goes out of its way to maintain the image of one of the premier B schools of India. At the same time, there are bursts of happiness, life and enjoyment with the infamous room parties and all year round events. Some of the important festivals are Quo Vadis (Annual management and cultural Festival), Marathon and Blood donation Camp, among others. Needless to say, IIFT is a culture that stays in our souls.


Which ABG company I would like to work for?

Birla Sun Life Asset Management Company Private Limited


I am interested in asset management and started learning about it by myself. I have invested in mutual funds and that is very exciting. I think that it is imperative that financial literacy picks up in India and eventually the economy booms. I would like to contribute towards investment decisions for mutual funds and gain expertise in portfolio management. Your company is one of the largest financial services players in India. I will be honoured to serve there and contribute towards the company.

IIFT Placement Commitee



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