IIFT releasing its quarterly Fin magazine – Special Edition

Independence Day Gets Happier…

Annual Edition of InFINeeti to be launched shortly!!

A Glimpse of what to expect from this “Special Annual Edition”.
Have a look at our Independence Day inspired COVER PAGE.

This Annual Edition is special in its own terms of being one of the most extensive among all the editions of the magazine

A Glimpse of what to expect from this “Special Annual Edition”.

– “Ache din aane wale hai” did strike a chord with the “aam aadmi” and we see a promising new government in the Center. So far, has the new government lived up-to the expectations of the people? Is the budget in line with the financial and economic interest of the nation?

– Moreover, at the backdrop of the recently concluded FIFA WC2014, can the world of Football and M&A be compared?

We have tried to answer such intriguing questions and many more in our upcoming edition.

Special Column on Equity Research Series Precursor which will be included as a permanent column in the future editions.

– Besides covering the recent happenings in the world of finance, this edition contains many exciting columns which will surely be a delight to the readers.