IIFT – A Sea Of Emotions, Basket Of Opportunities

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity” – Winston Churchill

Life was turning tables since a year and this time it was IIFT on either side. I didn’t think twice before grabbing this opportunity and set out on a rocking (literally, too) train journey. As I was allotted just another offshore 640 sq. ft. hostel C9, I felt I was being treated step-motherly. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise for all the special advantages we received in the oh-so-rigorous B-school induction program famously called PDP or Parichay. The distance I traversed via turns and race tracks from C9 to campus compelled me to think, if I am really going to make it every day. But optimism rushed through my blood saying this is how I am going to shed my weight over two years. The high-pitched voice I listened to on phone calls before the B-school started, finally met me and we greeted each other just like buddies as this shortie was going to be my ‘Roomie’. We were like Fred and Barney from Flintstones. We used to Yebi-daba-dooo every early morning from C9 to Auditorium in heavy formals sweating it all round the clock till almost the midnight.

Here on this beautiful campus, I finally saw the famous, lush green Top of the World (TOW) as if a dish served on the platter by the IIFT building. It was the session of Parichay that introduced me to 173 others ‘Loomies’ and the Old Hostellers. Auditorium was our karmabhoomi where we sweated the entire day. From introductions to goodnights we all developed a lasting sense of togetherness in the end. I shared food with five other random people and did assignments with random groups, which was the whole purpose of Parichay. Next to Old Hostel was Lovers’ Lane; something I wish to be eligible for someday. We identified ourselves as ‘The Batch of 2018-20 of IIFT’ and that made me feel a strange, new found pride.

Surprisingly, on the last day of PDP, I entered the Auditorium to a heart-racing Punjabi song ‘Na ja Na ja’ with chocolates put on our seats. Tired and flabbergasted, I ignored chocolates and was getting back to assignments like a trained soldier, when a bunch of surprises hit all of us. The PDP program was getting over with its funny ceremony where the seniors stage a drama, scare the heck of their juniors and then splash water and warmly accept us in the IIFT fraternity. At the end, still a little shocked, I was adamant to recover from the surprise. But when I saw my entire batch shouting GoIIFTGo, I accepted this glorious end-of-the-battle moment. With no energy and almost in a state to slip into General Ward I sneaked into the streets of Hauz Khas Village and danced with all passion. It was, truly, the beginning of new life.

The old IIFT campus shows off its traditionally architected but well-kept buildings. The academic block contains this piece of architecture, named Chamber of Secrets named after the famous piece in the Harry Potter saga. I glance through the veranda at this charming block every day. With Nescafe around, and parking lane, it’s a perfect site to stroll and feel the freshness of campus. Every evening at campus gates a lively atmosphere welcomes you with people from around feast into the dhabas. However, the junior batch must be courageous enough to pledge this (which even I did), that once I get Summer Internship, only then I will taste food at Laxman’s Dhaba. Amongst the sound of chirping birds, swaying trees and energetic campus, there lies a spooky spot on the top floor of Administration Building. Rumoured to have a presence of Ghost on the seventh floor. Well I believed the story to be true, and someday wish to explore it.

The three C, Clubs-Committees-Cells are the mind and soul of the IIFT that makes it one of the prestigious MBA programs of India. The institute hosts revered events such as Tradewinds, Quo Vadis and LIIFT, organised at the national level. Carried out by a collective effort of all the students through different positions of responsibility, these events make IIFT the brand it is and bond seniors and juniors in a special way. I feel this ever-happening place, as one may have guessed, is unfolding itself like a Beethoven orchestra to me. The nuances of the B-school rigour are like instruments in this orchestra, composing a beautiful harmony and I want to earn the Grammy of this whole musical, ‘All Round Proficiency Award 2020’.


ABG Company:

IIFT, has given path breaking moments to many and those who have utilised it effectively have risen high in their lives. IIFT has given me this opportunity to discover the same old guy who was long lost in middle. And Aditya Birla Group Leadership Program is precisely what I wished for when I stepped into IIFT. One can never miss the chance to be a part of this Indian Corporation which is within Fortune 500 with top accomplishments in various categories. Being a Mechanical Engineer from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur I can relate myself with Novelis Incorporation because I have worked over the metal Aluminium and its properties amuses me. In my final year project, I was asked to design an Aluminium die for Submersible Pump base plate which was to be casted through Investment Casting Process. As Novelis Inc. produces flat rolled aluminium sheets which has its applications in Automobile sector and Beverage Cans, I can comfortably connect to the production process. The most important factor that excites me is the infinite recycling of aluminium complementing the idea of sustainability and zero waste to landfills. I wish to serve this company in management roles offered and would like to explore the high potential Indian market in the Aluminium sheets production segment.

IIFT Placement Commitee