IIM A Lingo – An Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (Part-1)

Nota bene: Read with a pinch of humour.

Arbit: Acronym for arbitrary. Necessarily meaning nothing to be precise and everything in general. Arbit can be considered as a close relative of Globe. (See Globe)

Usage: ‘Kya Arbit CP mara yaar tune!’

Assignments: As ringmasters have a whip, our esteemed Profs have assignments. They throw assignments at students when they feel students are slacking off or having enough sleep, or just for the sake of fun. Like every other thing in the world, it follows Newton’s law, just not the first three law, but a revised version of it: ‘thickness of the report is directly proportional to the final grades of the assignment.

Blackbook: Blackbook is the Bible, the life and soul of every student of IIM A. It is a priceless asset for all the students who waits for the message about quiz from PGP office at 1:45 PM to start reading for quizzes at 2:45 PM. It is for the students who wait for the night before the exam to understand the whole subject and appear for end term the next morning. In short, it consists of old question papers, assignments, solutions, case analysis, presentations etc. religiously collected over years which provide some insight to students to crack the mystery called exams.

Bumps: If it is your birthday, then your butts have to have it – no ifs and buts.

Case mat: In case one is found without it in class, his/her case is not strong for sustaining the next 1 hour 15 minutes in the class. Case mats, used primarily to add up to a stack of 5 feet tall collection of books for a photo after completion of PGP1, are sometimes also used to gain some valuable insights into the realm of business management.

CHAOS: It aptly describes the situation of every other person at IIM A one hour prior to any assignment/WAC submission or presentation. Sometimes, it is also referred as the annual cultural fest of IIM A.

Convocation: The day when 360 degrees are awarded to students, whose life has turned 360 degrees (read full circle) after a life changing experience at IIM A.

CorpoD: Abbreviation of Corporate dinner. It is one day when 20 odd WIMWIans march into an Indian restaurant in English suits, to have Chinese & Mexican food as a party thrown by European Tuchchas prior to marching into the corporate world. Truly a global affair.

CP: Short form of Class Participation; Primarily designed as an evaluation component to enhance student participation in class, it can mutate into multiple forms like Arbit CP, Desperate CP, Challenge CP, Globe CP etc. based on the intellectual level of students.

CR: Acronym for ‘Class Rep.’; Usually jobless except for cajoling Profs, rescheduling classes, postponing assignments, collecting late coming fines, making to-do lists for the upcoming day, listening to the scolding of Profs and making a fool of him(her)self during T-Nite. (See T-Nite)

Cribbing: Continuous raving and ranting in front of teacher’s assistant to increase that one mark in the quiz, despite knowing pretty well that they have written the wrong answer, in the hope of a plausible sub-grade increase.

Dorm Baap/Maa: It is a title, a responsibility of 40 odd students (bacche) of a dorm. Being the father/mother (Baap/Maa) of the dorm is not just a CV point, it is the yearlong commitment to be the karta-dharta of the dorm.

Usage: ‘Dorm Baap ki Jai’

Dunking: IIMA’s very own War of Clans. During dunking sessions, usually water missiles can be found in every dorm, loaded and ready to launch on any unsuspecting rival dorm passer-by with aqueous projectiles. Major causality during such a war of clans is the usual poor fachchas (See fachcha) who are used as pawns in the front line of the war.

End term: The ‘Fat Man’ & ‘Little Boy’ of professors, to meet the students in the arena of their liking. This signifies an epic battle fought by the valiant fachchas & tuchchas alike to stay afloat, which puts epics of the likes of the battle of Mahabharata or Hogwarts to shame.

Exhibits: Necessary addition of unnecessary tables at the end of assignments and reports to increase the credibility and genuineness of the same. It is an integral part of WAC (See WAC) reports and hence follow aforementioned revised laws of Newton: ‘Count of Exhibits is directly proportional to the final grades of WAC report.’

‘F’: The most dreaded grade for the whole of IIM janta. If one chooses to have a couple of these then he/she is bound to enjoy his/her student life for yet another year. It also happens to be the sixth letter of the alphabet.

Fachcha/Fachchi: A collective noun, which is generally used to refer the most tormented, tortured residents of WIMWI i.e. the PGP1s. These privileged few get the golden opportunity to juggle through a myriad of assignments, surprise quizzes, presentations, summer preparations here at IIM A. For these people enjoyment during the weekend is a myth read in folklore and sleep at 3 AM is an optimistic wish to cherish.

Usage: ‘Bhag fachche bhag’

‘Maggo fachchon maggo’

FPM: Fully Paid Mazee; A four-year long paid vacation at an architectural marvel called WIMWI in the name of research. Outside IIM A, the vacation is called Fellow Programme in Management. No doubt, they become fine fellows.

Garba: A boisterous Gujjuland dance form; A twice in an MBAtime opportunity for honing one’s tertiary skills like dancing and bird watching. The only time of the year when NID and NIFT janta lingers around at IIM A and not the other way round.

Group Meeting: Necessary get-together to collate the juice (See Juice) for the week for fellow study group-mates. Apart from that, people do sit down, conceptualise, and write solutions to abstract problems and dilemmas in business scenarios; in other words, write Globe.

Globe: Any concept/thought process that goes over any typical engineer’s head is defined as Globe. Verbosely, Globe is defined as any random verbiage that is completely independent of any logical rational or reasoning and can be ideated by student’s prior life experience. Such concepts are usually presented in a befuddled manner during an examination/quiz or a conversation to appear intelligent.

Usage: Question: Bhai marketing ka paper keisa gaya?

Answer: Bhai STP, 4P aur Globe se paper bhar diya.

I-Schol: Acronym for Institute-Scholarship holders; An echelon of 18-20 nerds whose cumulative total marks if doled to non-I-Schol students, would serve as the passing marks for more than one or two quartiles of the student population at WIMWI.

Juice: WIMWIans’ own edition of the Hinglish tabloids and love proposals posted in Student Interaction Forum for public consumption. Usually posted by fellow group-mates of an uninformed student from his/her unsupervised laptop/mobile. No wonder Hitler did not like the ‘Jews’ (Read: Juice).

Rest to be continued in Part-2




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